South African Rapper Kiernan ‘AKA Forbes, Shot Dead In Durban

AKA, a well-known rapper from South Africa and a buddy were shot and killed in the coastal city of Durban, according to news reports from his family on Saturday.

Tebello “Tibz” Motsoane, a chef and businessman, was also killed with Kiernan Forbes as they made their way from a restaurant to their car.

The cause of the murder is being looked into. His parents, Tony, and Lynn Forbes, released a statement shared on AKA’s Twitter account that read, “It is with great grief that we acknowledge the departure of our darling son.” “Our son received love, and he returned the love in kind.”

The 35-year-old started in music as a member of the rap group Entity before going solo. In addition to receiving numerous nominations for Black Entertainment Television (BET) Honors in the US, Forbes has also received nominations for MTV Europe Music Awards and multiple South African awards.

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According to Mxolisi Kaunda, the mayor of Durban, he was scheduled to perform at a club on Friday night. Forbes tweeted about his new album, Mass Country, due out later this month, just hours before he passed away.

The head of a legislative committee on arts and culture, Beauty Dlulane, denounced the murder and called it a “hit.” “Protect South Africans from this new epidemic of what seems to be contract and revenge killings where performing artists and DJs seem to be targeted,” she pleaded with the government.

Oupa Sefoka, also known as “DJ Sumbody,” a prominent figure in the house music subgenre Amapiano, was shot dead in a drive-by shooting in Johannesburg in November, along with his bodyguard.

South African Rapper AKA Shot Dead In Durban

One of Africa’s most adored worldwide singers was killed by gun violence in South Africa in the past. Reggae musician Lucky Dube was shot three times at close range in 2007 during a failed hijacking as he dropped off his teenage kid at a relative’s house.

One of the highest murder rates in the world is found in South Africa. An NGO called Gun Free South Africa, which seeks to lessen gun violence there, has calculated that 30 people are shot to death there every day.

Last year, several shootings in South Africa resulted in the deaths of close to two dozen individuals at various bars in working-class neighborhoods of Johannesburg and the eastern city of Pietermaritzburg. At a birthday party last month, eight people were shot and killed in the most recent incidence of this kind.

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