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Nana & Kaoru
Nana & Kaoru

When Comparing Nana and Kaoru, What Exactly is the Difference?

Ryuta Amazume is the author and illustrator of the Japanese erotic love comedy manga series Nana & Kaoru (Japanese:, Hepburn: Nana to Kaoru). Chapters were serialised in the seinen manga magazines Young Animal Arashi (2008–2009) and Young Animal (2009–2016) published by Hakusensha, and later compiled in eighteen tankbon volumes. In addition to the two live-action movies and the original video animation, there have been three manga series created.

Nana and Kaoru Characters

Nana Chigusa 

Nana is a gorgeous and well-liked senior at her high school, where she excels in academics, serves as vice president of the student council, and competes on the track team. A teacher advised her to find a method to relax since so much was expected of her. After acting as a masochist to her neighbour Kaoru in a sensual S&M play, she finds that her grades have dramatically improved. The two had drifted apart at the start of the series, but they reconcile when Kaoru offers to assist Nana take a respite from the pressures of being a “perfect” student. She relies on him a lot, even when she doesn’t know it, and she ends up falling in love with him over the course of the show. The spin-off series “Black label” explores the couple’s blossoming love in greater depth. Both Maho Nagase and Miku Aono play Nana in the live-action adaptations of the films. Kaoru Mizuhara provides the voice of Nana for the OVA anime.

Kaoru Sugimura

Since he does not have a partner, S&M, and specifically the buying and maintenance of S&M equipment, is Kaoru’s primary hobby. He has had a secret crush on his neighbour Nana ever since they were youngsters, and he is secretly pleased that Nana has consented to be in the S&M performance. Because he is just an average student, he will have to let Nana move on with her life when he graduates high school. When Nana willingly sacrifices herself for their “Breathers,” he has a hard time controlling his urges. After suppressing his initial, sinister urges to dominate Nana for some time, he comes to the realisation that he does not want to hurt her and instead only loves her and wants her to love him in return. He makes the conscious decision to grow into a more capable person in the hopes of joining Nana on equal footing someday. Their bond is explored in greater depth in the spin-off, “Black Label.” Rakuto Tochihara takes on the role in the live-action adaptation. The voice actor Junji Majima provides his likeness in the OVA anime.

Mitsuko Tachibana

Kaoru often shops at an S&M store managed by Tachibana. She is extremely well-versed in S&M and serves as a mentor to Nana, teaching her all manner of the lifestyle’s intricacies. Very little is known about Tachibana in the main series beyond the fact that she is an expert on all things S&M; however, in the spin-off “Black Label,” we learn that she is in a passionate relationship with the much-older erotica novelist Shuutarou Sarashina. Fearing that he may leave her, she does everything in her power to become his “ideal lady,” effectively chaining him to her. In time, though, she and Sarashina are able to reconcile their differences and openly declare their love for one another. She went to Todai and got her degree in Japanese history, where she learned that S&M were initially used as a form of punishment during the Meiji period. Indeed, she furthered her education by completing graduate work.

Ryoko Tachi

A young lady Kaoru encounters during one of his early morning runs to increase his endurance. Kaoru thinks she’s a guy until she finds out she’s a heptathlon competitor. She shows him her small cleavage as proof of her gender when he seems confused by her lack of a prominent chest. Upon discovering of Kaoru’s hidden interest, she takes an immediate liking to it and begins to lobby for more participation from Kaoru. She seems to be able to shift from submissive to dominating, which is unusual for fictional characters, but she definitely prefers her submissive side. Eventually, she comes to love Kaoru, but she accepts that he will never view her the way Nana does, even offering assistance to Nana when she asks for it. Tachi was at first Nana’s adversary in love and in M, but over time, the two became great friends.

Shuutarou Sarashina

An erotic novelist who is mentioned frequently but never really seen in the show. Whenever Kaoru needs to learn how to be a dominant or perform a specific S&M act, she will go to one of his books. His first appearance is in the Black Label spin-off, where he happens to run into Kaoru and enlists his assistance with his current novel. They’re in love, and they met when Mitsuko was in school. Their shared experience with S&M brought them closer together, but time has changed their feelings for one other from love to a darker, more mysterious possession. Nonetheless, with Nana and Kaoru’s support, they are able to face their emotions and express their true affections for one another.

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