love marriage and divorce season 4
love marriage and divorce season 4

Marriage and Divorce Season 4 Cast, Plot, And More Details!

Love ft. Marriage And Divorce Plot

The show follows three ladies as they each experience a string of unfortunate events and their partners attempt to comfort and support them.

30s Once an announcer, Boo Hye-Ryung is now a radio disc jockey. She works hard to strike a balance between her personal and professional life, both for herself and her judge husband. After three years of marriage, they’ve decided they don’t want children.

Sa Pi-Young, a radio show producer in her 40s, says thus. She does her work quickly and expertly. In addition to being an excellent mother and wife, she is also an excellent student. Her neuropsychiatry doctor spouse is the clinic’s resident romantic.

50’s The radio show’s principal writer is Lee Si-Eun. Over the course of her 30 years of marriage, she has faced numerous challenges and weathered many low points as she has tried to juggle her career with the responsibilities of being a wife and mother. She was a strong emotional and moral pillar for her husband, helping him to achieve his goal of becoming a respected academic.

Throughout the show’s current three seasons, we see how intricately the stories of these three families are intertwined.

Will There Be a Love Ft. Marriage And Divorce Season 4?

There has been no confirmation of a Season 4 renewal at this moment, and there is currently no information available. Because of the show’s popularity and high ratings, viewers are looking forward to a new season with great anticipation.

The show is still TV Chosun’s highest-rated drama, with a 9.1 percent national rating at its peak this year despite the network having a very busy weekend schedule. The show’s chances of being renewed for a fourth season have improved in light of this.

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Covid-19 is deteriorating, and with it, the cast’s health, thus it may be some time before season 4 airs.

Love Ft. Marriage and Divorce Season 4 Cast


  • Sung Hoon (season 1-2), Kang Shin-hyo (season 3) as Pan Sa-hyeon, a lawyer
  • Lee Tae-gon (season 1-2), Gee Young-san (season 3) as Shin Yu-shin, a psychiatrist
  • Park Joo-mi as Sa Pi-young, Yu-shin’s wife, a producer of the radio show.
  • Lee Ga-ryeong as Boo Hye-ryung, Sa-hyeon’s wife, the radio show host.
  • Lee Min-young as Song Won, a Chinese translator and the mistress of Sa-hyeon.
  • Jeon Soo-kyeong as Lee Si-eun, a writer of the radio show
  • Jeon No-min as Park Hae-ryun, Si-eun’s husband, a professor of Department of Theater.
  • Moon Sung-ho as Seo Ban, an engineer of the radio show, Pi-young, Hye-ryung and Si-eun’s colleague. (season 2-3; recurring season 1)
  • Bu Bae as Seo Dong-ma, Ban’s younger brother, Ga-bin’s ex-boyfriend. (season 2-3; recurring season 1)
  • Song Ji-in as A Mi, a model and the mistress of Yu-shin. (season 2; recurring season 1, 3)
  • Lim Hye-young as Nam Ga-bin, a musical actress, Hae-ryun’s colleague and mistress. (season 2; recurring season 1, 3)


  • Kim Eung-soo as Pan Mun-ho, Sa-hyeon’s father
  • Kim Ameliia (season 1-2), Lee Hye-sook (season 3) as Kim Dong-mi, Yu-shin’s stepmother[9]
  • Noh Joo-hyun as Shin Gi-rim, Yu-shin’s father
  • Lee Hyo-chun as Mo Seo-hyang, Pi-young’s mother (season 1-2)
  • Lee Jong-nam as So Ye-jeong, Sa-hyeon’s mother
  • Han Jin-hee as President Seo, Ban and Dong-ma’s father (season 3)
  • Yoon Seo-hyun as Jo Woong, Dean of Chinese Medicine Hospital, A Mi’s biological father. (season 1-2)
  • Jeon Hye-won as Park Hyang-gi, Si-eun and Hae-ryun’s daughter, Woo-ram’s elder sister.
  • Im Han-bin as Park Woo-ram, Si-eun and Hae-ryun’s son
  • Park Seo-kyung as Shin Ji-ah, Yu-shin and Pi-young’s daughter
  • Shin Soo-ho as Attorney Yoon, Sa-hyun’s colleague (season 1-2)
  • Bae Yoo-ri as Joon-jae, the Pan Family’s housekeeper (season 1-2)

love marriage and divorce season 4

Special appearances

  • Yoon Hae-young as Ji Su-hui, A Mi’s mother (season 1-2)
  • Hong Ji-min as Oh Jin-a, friend of Hae-ryun and Ga-bin (season 1, 3)

Season 1

  • Shin Joo-ah as Lee Soo-Jung, the wife of Yeon-hee’s boyfriend
  • Hyun Suk as Mun-ho’s friend
  • Seo Yu-ri
  • April 2 (Band)
  • Park Jun-myun as Audrey

Season 2

  • Lee Sook as Mo Seo-ri, Seo-hyang’s younger sister
  • Hong Ji-yoon as a clerk of diamond jewelry store
  • Lim Baek-cheon as a guest on a radio program hosted by Boo Hye-ryung
  • Park Sang-min as himself

Where to Watch Love ft. Marriage and Divorce?

Those who have a Netflix subscription can view the show online.

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