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Love Is Blind Season 4 Couples
Love Is Blind Season 4 Couples

Meet The Love Is Blind Season 4 Couples And Which Couples Are Still Together?

The Season 4 singles of Love Is Blind are now available in the Pods. The first five episodes of Season 4 were released on Netflix on Friday, March 24. While the Pods era didn’t offer any outrageous moments like Season 3’s false tears, certain characters left a lasting impression, for better or worse.

Love Is Blind, hosted by Nick Lachey and Vanessa Lachey, questions if love is blind. After three seasons in Texas, this season takes place in Seattle, Washington. Couples must leave the Pods engaged to someone they have never met in person, relying instead on the connection they made during their Pod dates to proceed to the honeymoon and wedding parts of the series.

From March 24 through April 14, 12 episodes of Love Is Blind Season 4 will be released in batches every Friday. Episodes 6–8 will make up the next drop, followed by Episodes 9–11 and the Episode 12 reunion.

Only a few of the 30 singles that entered the Pods advanced to the following stage. Here, we list the couples still together as of Episode 5 and some hints from social media and the upcoming drop’s trailer.

Here are the couples from Season 4 of Love Is Blind, listed in order of when they got engaged.

Tiffany & Brett: Still Together

Brett and Tiffany were the first couples to become engaged and leave the pods hand in hand, despite Tiffany’s unintentional nap in one of the pods almost halting their swiftly developing bond. When they first met, there was no waiting for an attraction to grow. They fell in love at first sight.

In Mexico, they became even more attracted to one another and appeared to be madly in love. During Episode 5, that excitement persisted, but the teaser for the upcoming episode suggests problems in paradise on their path to the altar they eventually reach. Will they, however, say “I do”?

“There shouldn’t be any shocks today. On his wedding day, Brett declares menacingly in the teaser, “This shouldn’t happen.

Micah & Paul: Still Together

Both Micah and Paul had close relationships with others. Micah and Kwame had become tight, and at first, Micah seemed to care more about Kwame. Although Paul and Amber were friendly, his friendship with Micah was more remarkable.

Love Is Blind Season 4 Couples
Love Is Blind Season 4 Couples

Micah and Paul left the Pods engaged despite nerves that led to some somewhat covert conduct with Irina in the women’s lounge. As they finally met, it appeared they had no trouble connecting a face to the name, but Mexico caused a change.

After meeting him, Micah was still attracted to Kwame, as seen by some snarky “jokes” that Kwame had to call her out on. In Episode 4, their difficult conversation turned into flirting, upsetting Chelsea. Paul didn’t appear to find Micah’s interactions with Kwame bothersome.

Yet it looks like Irina will be a problem for these two. Despite their “mean girl” antics, Irina and Micah remain close throughout the season. Micah is seen at the altar in a previous season trailer, saying, “At this time, the best thing I can do for us is give you a chance to answer first.”

Jackie & Marshall: Still Together

Early on, it was evident that Jackie and Marshall connected deeply, and their conversations flowed easily. Josh, though, threw a spanner in the works and almost stopped their courtship.

Josh warned Jackie that if she rejected him, he would leave. Josh’s declaration left Marshall feeling belittled, so he challenged him in the men’s room and defended Jackie. She was relieved, and they bonded right away when they met in person,

Jackie experienced a breakdown due to the pressures of her home life, which she feared returning to. Marshall held her through it all, making her feel cherished in a tender moment of closeness. The couple appeared to be falling in love with one another even more as they enjoyed more of these intimate bonding times, but the teaser for the next release suggests that there may be some choppy waves.

The clips show Jackie telling Marshall that they “don’t have sex” at one point when Josh returns to try to win Jackie back. He says, “Choose me if you don’t feel like heart-to-heart. You’re truly going to marry him.”

Chelsea & Kwame: Still Together

Chelsea only heard Kwame in the pods, but Micah’s rejection saddened him. Chelsea wasn’t his second choice, despite that. Their attraction to one another was evident throughout the dates. He even acknowledged that Micah fit his typical criteria for a partner to the other men and Micah.

He eventually understood that trying to fit into the same mold as before would only result in repeating failed relationship patterns. You don’t only want to be loved, though. He informed the cameras, “It’s how you want to be loved. Chelsea is who you need.

Chelsea concurred that their connection was the uncommon and mystical thing they had both heard about but never experienced. These two had no engagement regrets, as seen by the happiness on their cheeks after the meeting. Until Mexico arrived, that is.

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Their engagement seemed in jeopardy as long as Kwame’s love for Micah persisted. By Episode 5, Chelsea and Kwame had made up, but the later-season excerpts show that Micah would intervene once more when questioning Kwame if he felt he had chosen Chelsea wisely, prompting Chelsea to doubt if Kwame was ready to settle down.

Despite not following one another on social media, Instagram activity reveals that Kwame and Chelsea attended the same boat party as other Season 5 couples. Images from Instagram stories show Kwame on the boat sporting a lavender beanie while Chelsea appears to be sitting beside him off-camera wearing a complementary lavender puffer jacket. Because they don’t want their social media posts to include spoilers, the Love Is Blind cast members are well known for not following their lovers on Instagram.

Irina & Zack: Broken Up

Irina and Zack were the most unexpectedly engaged couple. Irina solely desired Zack during the experiment, but his dates with Bliss made it look like they were closer.

Irina behaved in the women’s lounge because Zack and Bliss threatened her. Bliss reconciled with Irina once Zack heard about the conflict. Yet advising Zack that selecting Irina would be an evil character irritated him.

Zack broke up with Bliss and proposed to Irina, but their first meeting was unpleasant because they had little physical attraction. Mexico lacked physical attractiveness. Irina rejected every kiss and seemed repulsed anytime Zack showed affection. She also restrained love from her fiancé, unlike her emotional attachment to the pods Zack enjoyed.

Drea Knows Best tweeted that love is blind season 4, and the black couples are GIVINNNN. You can see below:

Zack thought about Bliss when Irina saw Paul again in Mexico. Irina shifted her engagement ring to her middle finger in Episode 4 while talking to Paul. Maybe it was fit? Perhaps it was deliberate. In Episode 5, Irina confessed her emotions for Paul, and Zack said he missed Bliss; thus, they broke up.

Bliss returns, and Zack proposes, although her reaction is unknown in the season’s teaser. Zack gets married, but with whom? Zack, Irina, and Bliss don’t follow each other on Instagram. But Chelsea and Kwame may have been at the same cast boat party.

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