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Jujutsu Kaisen Manga Chapter 197
Jujutsu Kaisen Manga Chapter 197

Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 197 Release Date and Spoilers!

Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 197 will be released later this week, and spoilers have already begun teasing an impending win for Maki and the rest of the cast. But Naoya hasn’t shown us what he’s really capable of yet.

In this new chapter, Maki is finally able to deal with Naoya’s attacks thanks to Miyo’s wise counsel. During this conflict, Naoya has shown seriousness about the situation for the first time.

And now that Miyo, Maki, and Daidou have all launched attacks against him at once, Naoya may very well be at the end of his rope. But then Naoya pulls another surprise out of his sleeve by using his Domain Expansion right before the program ends.

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On September 11th, 2022, the release of Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 197 is scheduled. For those interested, the latest chapter will be posted on Manga Plus and Viz Media’s respective websites. Likewise, you may find apps in the Play Store for both systems to use. Given its worldwide simultaneous airing, below is its localized rollout schedule:

  • Pacific Time: 8:00 AM (September 11th)
  • Central Time: 10:00 AM (September 11th)
  • Eastern Time: 11:00 AM (September 11th)
  • British Time: 4:00 PM (September 11th)
  • European Time: 5:00 PM (September 11th)
  • Indian Time: 8:30 PM (September 11th)
  • Japan Time: 12:00 AM (September 12th)

Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 197 Spoilers

“Through her match with Miyo, Maki is awakened,” the editor writes on the first page of the new JJK chapter titled Sakurajima Colony, Part 7. Maki and Miyo’s one-minute-long sumo match is over. The encounter was short, but it was enough for Maki to acquire a better grasp of things and hone in on what matters.

Naoya resumes his assault and continues to increase his speed. Even yet, Maki is able to deal with him, and her ability to detect air and avoid his evasive assaults gives the impression that she actually does have superhuman abilities.

Later, Naoya withdraws, and Noritoshi interprets this as a sign that Naoya is preparing to launch another attack. As predicted, Naoya launches an attack, and he appears terrified. In the midst of her pursuit of Naoya, Maki reflects on how her sister, Mai, has altered who she once was.

Jujutsu Kaisen Manga Chapter 197
Jujutsu Kaisen Manga Chapter 197

As Naoya advances on Maki, they shake hands. She avoids his strike and counters with a blow. Her sparring with Miyo clearly paid off, as she now has the ability to gauge atmospheric conditions to better counter Naoya’s attacks.

Naoya’s anger stems from the fact that a human with no Cursed Energy is able to successfully avoid his attacks and counter them with her own. Meanwhile, Miyo and Daidou launch an attack on him as well. While Miyo delivers a headbutt, Daidou splits him cleanly in two with a katana slash. Another remarkable change in Maki is that she no longer needs her glasses to read the curses.

Naoya suffers severe injuries at the hands of all three, and he even begins to suspect that Maki is actually Touji because of how much he looks like him throughout their fight. As for who will be on that side, he says it will be him (where he sees Touji, where Maki is currently standing.) He activates his Domain Expansion at the end of the chapter, and a terrible humanoid form emerges from one of the halves.

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