jon batiste wife
jon batiste wife

Jon Batiste’s Husband Suleika Andjaouad’s Private Wedding!

How Did Jon & Suleika meet?

Jon and Suleika have been together for eight years before getting married. Suleika told CBS Sunday Morning on April 3 that the couple had an instant connection and talked about marriage in their first week together. Since the first week we dated, we wanted to get married. Then Jon brought up marriage, she said.

Suleika inspired Jon’s music, he said. In a 2021 interview with People, he said the song was about his romance. “It reflects my childhood and our relationship,” he remarked. “Having a piece of our connection in the CD is great.”

The couple got married in February 2022. 

After Suleika’s second diagnosis of leukemia in February 2022, the couple disclosed in a CBS Sunday Morning interview that they had secretly been married. According to Jon, the couple plans to fight cancer with all their strength. Nothing about this changes the plan we already have in place. We intend to do this. He told CBS, “This is just a speed bump on the road to success.”

Suleika discussed Jon’s proposal and their hastily arranged wedding before she began cancer treatment in the same interview. “We tied the knot the day before I was admitted to the hospital for my brain marrow transplant,” she explained. After months of planning, Jon finally decided to propose to me on the weekend of my birthday, but he told me, “I just want to be very clear: I’m not proposing to you because of this diagnosis.'”

Your ring took me a whole year to create. She further said that Jon reassured her that their planned marriage would go forward regardless of the outcome of her fight. There will be no changes made due to this diagnosis. He informed her, “It only strengthens my resolve to make this commitment and for us to be together.

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Suleika elaborated, saying that the couple had only four guests for their hastily planned wedding and that they had purchased their wedding attire the night before. She received a bone marrow transplant, and she said the lovely, personal ceremony gave them so much hope. When that happened, we were overjoyed. Overflowing with joy and hope after such a wonderful evening, I knew that we could conquer anything. The bond between people. You know, that feeling of love. She emphasized the significance of maintaining that spirit of spontaneity and happiness.

Suleika Is a Journalist.

Suleika is a multi-talented artist whose primary focus is writing. Several publications have featured her writing. She’s talked about her cancer experience in a TedTalk and Vogue articles. She has also written for The New York Times opinion page about prison life, specifically about death row inmate Quinton Jones.

Jon Batiste Wife

Suleika Was Diagnosed With Cancer In 2011.

Although this is Suleika’s second battle with cancer, she began treatment for leukaemia in February 2022. After finishing college, she was told she had leukaemia; in 2021, she published Between Two Worlds: A Memoir Of A Life Interrupted, in which she detailed her experience with the cancer and her road to recovery.

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The memoir follows Suleika as she on a 100-day road trip to meet some of the people she corresponded with during her initial battle with leukaemia. The book’s summary states, “What she realised on this trip is that the line between sick and well is porous, that the great majority of us will go back and forth between these realms throughout our lives.”

She’s Been Painting Through Her Second Battle With Leukemia

Suleika has revealed her intention to create a stunning painting over the course of one hundred days as part of her artistic “100-day project,” which she launched while fighting cancer for the second time. In an Instagram post, she gushed about the new endeavour: “

I know from experience how powerful the 100-day project can be, both the sensation of creative possibility and the organising principle it affords: your day becomes concentrated around crafting one tiny beautiful item.” She has also posted photographs of herself painting from her hospital bed on Instagram.

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