Jin Kazama vs. Hwoarang
Jin Kazama vs. Hwoarang

What is a Difference Between jin Kazama Vs. Hwoarang?

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Jin Kazama

Bandai Namco Entertainment’s Tekken series has a fictional character named Jin Kazama. He first appeared as the series’ protagonist in Tekken 3, released in 1997, and has remained such ever since. Heihachi Mishima has trained Jin to seek vengeance for the death of his mother, Jun Kazama. But Heihachi betrays Jin to unleash the Devil Gene, a genetic anomaly deep within his body.

His father, Kazuya Mishima, from whom he got the trait, is likewise an antagonist. Jin loses control of the Devil Gene when coping with his family, transforming into his alter ego, Devil Jin, who was debuted as a non-playable character in Tekken 3 and has been playable in every game since Tekken 5. Aside from the games themselves, Jin has made appearances in animated and live-action movies based on them and has been a playable character in a number of other game series.

Jin, who was at first conceived of as a naive man, eventually became the series’ new protagonist and a direct replacement for Kazuya, on whom he was visually based. Since his introduction, Bandai Namco director Katsuhiro Harada had intended for him to develop into an antiheroic figure due to his frequent arguments with members of his own family.

Despite this, numerous adaptations of the games have featured Jin as the protagonist. Since his introduction in Tekken 3, Isshin Chiba has provided his voice, however different English actors have filled in for him in other games.

Critics have generally praised the character, with many saying they look forward to seeing more of him in future Tekken games and focusing on his moves and significance to the series as a whole.

Since his debut in Tekken 3, Jin’s popularity has grown, and his fighting style and impact on the story have earned him praise, leading some to call him one of the best characters in the Tekken series. Even though he abandoned Jin’s traditional combat style, his gloomy portrayal was praised, and Devil Jin remained a fan favourite despite this.

jin Kazama Vs. Hwoarang
jin Kazama Vs. Hwoarang


Namco Bandai Games has created the fictional character Hwoarang for use in its Tekken fighting game series. The character Hwoarang debuted in Tekken 3, and he has since appeared in every instalment of the series.

The third Tournament is where he plans on exacting his revenge on Ogre for injuring his Taekwondo master, Baek Doo San. After fighting to a draw with Jin Kazama in one of Hwoarang’s street battles before the events of Tekken 3, he became Jin’s nemesis.

Character Design

A young Korean man named Hwoarang, his hair is a bright orange colour. Player 1 typically wears a white taekwondo dobok with black stripes down the sides, paired with black leggings, a black bandanna, and a black belt. In addition, he wears blue fingerless gloves and blue footpads that reveal his toes and heels. In his introductory game, the Korean flag replaces his name on the back of the shirt.

His first iteration of the Player 2 outfit was a grey tank top, green pants with black chaps, fingerless gloves, a black leather belt, black leather boots with spurs, and a grey leather belt. And his motorcycle goggles are pushed up and out of the way. Every Tekken game since Tekken 5 has featured a new take on this style. He wears a military uniform in Tekken 4 rather than a motorcycle costume.

Outside of his military uniform, everything of Hwoarang’s clothing seems to be emblazoned with a red hawk, a nod to his alternate moniker, Blood Talon. Every one of his biker outfits, as well as his dobok and pants for his basic Taekwondo gear, has one of these hidden in the back.

Named after the Hwarang, a group of privileged young men in the ancient Korean kingdom of Silla, Hwoarang is a fusion of the two languages. Hwoarang’s standard dobok has two tags on the belt, one for his name and one for his rank as a second dan according to ITF rules. His attire for Tekken 7: Fated Retribution is a white t-shirt and ripped jeans. His hair is now jet black with an orange highlight, and he wears a patch over his right eye.

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