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jeremy clarkson farm season 2
jeremy clarkson farm season 2

Clarkson’s Farm Season 2 Potential Release Date Status, Cast and Latest Updates!

Clarkson’s Farm Season 2 Potential Release Date:

In July of 2021, it was announced that Clarkson’s Farm would return for a second season, and production on the next season would begin soon after.

Dan Grabiner, head of UK Originals at Amazon Studios, made the news that “Jeremy Clarkson’s Clarkson’s Farm is an unabashed ode to the farming lifestyle. Authenticity, charm, and humor, plus the farm’s amazing characters, have made the show an incredible success.”

Then, Jeremy and his right-hand man, Kaleb Cooper, created a video to confirm the news from their end, as well.

Production started in August 2021 and will last until July 2022. Clarkson himself confirmed this when he boasted about his newly excavated ponds on Instagram, including a production time notation.

Upon hearing this, a devoted supporter wrote, “In response to the question “Any news on season two?,” Jeremy said, “Filming ends in mid-July. By the start of the new year, it should have undergone final editing.”

That said, look for it in January or February of 2023.

When we have more concrete information, we will share it with you.

It was originally planned to film the first season over the course of a year, but the outbreak of the coronavirus threw filming and farming into disarray.

An unexpected change of events was captured on tape as Jeremy opened out about the farm’s financial turnover after the lockdown’s destructive impact on agricultural progress and the farm’s capacity to generate a profit became clear.

The weather also played a significant role, since prolonged drought rendered turning the soil impossible and prolonged rainfall rendered the muck too saturated and waterlogged for any useful use.

But the team overcame the obstacles and succeeded.

The years 2021 and 2022 were no better, and it is likely that the UK will once again have to deal with the wrath of nature’s wild swings, as heatwaves, storms, and even snow are forecast to lash the country.

Nearly all of the more than 4,500 reviewers who rated the first season on Amazon gave it five stars, making a second season almost inevitable. A report of the show’s cancellation circulated at one point, however.

It’s evident that the public has taken to the new, rural Clarkson and his group of farming brothers after they win a few prizes for their work.

Clarkson’s Farm Season 2: Who Will Be in the Cast?

Confirmed! Clarkson and his gang from Diddly Squat Farm are here for more country antics. Lisa Hogan, “Charlie,” and Gerald Cooper, who works in Construction and Maintenance.

It goes without saying that Jeremy Clarkson will once again be the focal point of the show. After all, we are at Clarkson’s Farm. Be strange without him, I guess.

However, Kaleb Cooper, the farmhand and de facto right-hand man, was the clear standout. The kid won over the nation with his determined pursuit of a perm, his abject loathing of driving in London, and his self-assured ranting at the well-known TV host.

Kaleb is the resident expert on all things related to life on Diddly Squat, but he despises the urban environment and is perfectly content with his bucolic existence. The resulting humorous back-and-forth with Jeremy, a city slicker who knows nothing, is a clear indication of this.

After the show’s success, the young farmer announced, “I’m the boss really” on This Morning.

“Do not misunderstand; he is both my boss and my friend. It’s a good thing he’s interested in farming, because he doesn’t listen to me otherwise. That’s why I yell at him and get really mad if he does something wrong.”

Clarkson’s farmer assistant from season one may or may not have made it through the hiatus to season two. If Clarkson’s remarks are any indication, life on the farm must have been challenging.

When asked about young farmers like Kaleb being forced off the land, the Who Wants to be a Millionaire host compared the government’s neglect of the farming business to “ethnic cleansing” in an interview with The Sun.

jeremy clarkson farm season 2

Clarkson remarked, “Kaleb is terrific, but I worry about how he’ll ever be able to buy his own farm, given that he’s up against hedge-fund managers who don’t really want to farm it.”

Clarkson is advocating for Britain to maintain at least 60% of its food market independence. He is also urging people to buy British goods, saying that they are of higher quality and sustainability.

“Meat packaged with a red tractor symbol indicates it was raised and processed in the United Kingdom. You should buy it because some poor guy in the Peak District has been out in the wee hours of the morning braving the elements to raise his young.”

He advises consumers not to be put off by the higher prices of locally manufactured goods.

“I urge [readers] who see the difference to think, ‘All right, it’s 5p extra to buy this meat with a red tractor on it, but I’m getting better food and aiding British farming,'” the author writes.

Jeremy’s long-term girlfriend, Diddly Squat Farm Shop manager Lisa Hogan, will join them.

It appears that Clarkson’s massive tractor will also be returning. But how do we know this to be true? The reason why is because teaser photographs have finally arrived.

A helicopter has joined the tractor as a new working partner. We don’t know the full picture just yet, but we can assume Kaleb will play a role.

Clarkson’s Farm Season 2: is There a Trailer?

There may not be a trailer for season two of Clarkson’s Farm just yet, but there are plenty of ways to stay up-to-date with Diddly Squat.

Jeremy is very active on social media, and the farm now has its own Instagram account where he regularly shares news and photos.

New agricultural equipment for Kaleb in May of 2022 is exactly the sort of wholesome story we hope to see from this show.

The family has also taken in two puppies, Arya and Sansa, and has been brewing their own beer.


In January of 2022, Jeremy shared that he was planning on increasing parking at the farm to accommodate 70 cars and opening a cafe with seating for 60 people. The council ultimately decided against him because it had received 53 complaints, compared to just 12 letters of support.

Since the surrounding Cotswolds are designated as an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, the West Oxon District Council did not grant approval for the cafe on the grounds that it would be “out of keeping” with the area (AONB).

“By reason of its siting, design, scale, and location, the proposed development would not be sustainable and would not be compatible or consistent in scale with the existing farming company or its open countryside position,” Joan Desmond, the council’s planning officer, told the press.

Furthermore, she stated that the “planned development will have a visually invasive and negative influence on the rural character, natural attractiveness, and tranquilly of the area.

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