Is Simon Cowell Sick
Is Simon Cowell Sick

Is Simon Cowell Sick: Did He Have A Stroke?

Is Simon Cowell Sick: one is better at stealing the show than Simon Cowell, although the programs he appears on frequently aim to discover new talents. In part because of his propensity to be so brutal with contestants he doesn’t like, the renowned producer and reality TV star have worked on American TV for around twenty years.

Now, many supporters of the judge eagerly anticipate updates on Simon’s health after he was involved in yet another accident.

Simon Cowell Health Update: The Star Was Hospitalized Following Another Injury On An E-bike.

Simon seems to have bad luck when it comes to operating an e-bike. According to TMZ, the celebrity was riding his bike around London on January 27, 2022, when he made a sharp turn on a wet road, and his tires blew out, leading to a terrible crash.

Simon was taken by ambulance to a nearby hospital, where staff members determined that he had broken his left arm, severely damaged his cheek, and perhaps had a concussion. He received treatment, was freed, and is currently wearing a bright yellow cast.

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A few days later, he finally spoke about the incident, calling himself “a bit of a crazy” in an interview with The Daily Mail. A buddy of his verified to the publication that Simon will be giving up bicycling now.

Simon Cowell Previously Recovered From A Broken Back After His First Bike Injury

Simon missed a portion of the 2020 season of America’s Got Talent because he broke his back in a motorbike accident. The star had to undergo immediate surgery for his injury, but he fully recovered.

One of Simon’s fellow judges on Britain’s Got Talent, Alesha Dixon, provided a background for Simon’s recovery path in January 2021.

On the British television programme Steph’s Packed Lunch, Alesha stated, “Simon’s doing very, really well.” Alesha noted that Simon’s partner Lauren Silverman and their son Eric were taking excellent care of him.

Is Simon Cowell Sick
Is Simon Cowell Sick

The actress continued, “But yes, he’s healthy, and obviously, he was looking forward to coming back and starting the auditions in February, but sadly that’s not going to happen, so we’ll have to wait a little longer before I can see him again.

Did Simon Cowell Have A Stroke?

Although Simon has broken bones from his second crash and has previously dealt with a back problem, some fans also thought that he may have experienced a stroke around the time of his first incident.

It appears that the judge’s visage was the source of this myth. However, there were never any assertions made in reports or statements that Simon suffered a stroke. Simon’s face may have changed due to aging and skillful plastic surgery, or it may even be quite likely.

Additionally, adjustments to his food or surroundings may have led to the alleged alterations in his face. In the end, though, it doesn’t appear like fans need to be concerned that Simon experienced a stroke in addition to his back ailment in 2020.

Without having to worry about healing from illnesses that he doesn’t genuinely have, Simon already has enough to deal with. Fans can relax knowing that Simon will continue making snide remarks for millions of viewers once it’s safe to do so (and he’s fully recovered). For more information, please visit for more updates.

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