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Hightown Season 3
Hightown Season 3

Hightown Season 3: Release Date Status, Cast, Plot, Trailer, and More Details!

American crime-drama series Hightown is on the small screen. The series premiered on Starz on May 17, 2020, and was created by Rebecca Cutter.

The show got renewed for a second season in June 2020, and the new season will air on October 17, 2021. The third season of the series was announced in March 2022. Critics and viewers have praised the show, giving it an approval rating of 80% on Rotten Tomatoes.

Is there a release date for the third season yet? What’s going on here? Who will return? To learn more, keep reading.

Will Starz Renew or Cancel Hightown For Season 3?

Critics lauded the film’s excellent performances and engrossing story, which earned it a high rating. Fans of Starz’s crime drama have had a wild trip. Every aspect of the series seemed to point toward a larger, ongoing plot, rather than a series finale. They do an excellent job introducing and keeping the viewer engaged with previous seasons.

In the first few episodes of its first season, this show didn’t have many traditional ratings, but in the last two weeks, its numbers skyrocketed. For the show to be renewed for a second season, this suggests that a large number of viewers came in via delayed viewing. This show may have a third season if anything like this happens again. As additional information becomes available, it will be added to this page.

The second season of the Starz criminal thriller, which has been a rollercoaster for fans, is reaching its end. Everything points to a much bigger, ongoing story, rather than one that would be wrapped up in the remaining episodes, as previously thought. Many people are starting to question if there will be a third season.

With fresh episodes promising to unearth more of Cape Cod’s off-season criminality, Starz thriller “Hightown” has been renewed for a third season. Keep an eye out for updates.

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Hightown Season 3 Release Date:

For anyone who saw Starz’s new crime thriller Hightown, which premiered on May 17th, Jackie’s journey is far from over. Even before the season 1 finale aired on July 12, Starz had ordered a second season of the series. On October 17, 2021, a popular criminal drama aired its second season. Each week, fresh episodes will be broadcast at the same time starting at 9 p.m. ET/PT. According to Season 2’s release, there will be 10 episodes in total, two more than in Season 1.

Hightown’s third season has yet to be released on Hulu. The fate of Hightown’s third season is still up in the air. Hightown fans might expect a 2022 release date if filming begins early enough.

Season three of STARZ’s crime drama “Hightown,” set in Wilmington, will recreate Provincetown, Massachusetts. In the summer, when local filming begins, a spokeswoman indicated that filming will be fully underway.

Hightown Season 3
Hightown Season 3

Hightown Season 3 Cast:

Hightown fans can look forward to seeing several of their famous characters this season, including:

Viewers can’t wait to witness how Jackie Quinones, played by Monica Raymund, unravels the mystery and battles her demons of addiction.
Amaury Nolasco portrays Frankie Cuevas Sr., a Cape Cod drug lord convicted and serving a life sentence in prison.

Riley Voelkel portrays Renee Segna, a stripper at Xavier’s Bar and Lounge and the girlfriend of Frankie Cuevas Sr.

Det. Ray Abruzzo is played by Massachusetts State Police Sergeant James Badge Dale, who played Shane Harper’s Junior, a friend of Jackie’s and a drug dealer. Assigned to the Narcotics Task Force on Cape Cod.

Alan Saintille, a Cape Cod police officer assigned to the Narcotics Unit, is played by Dohn Norwood.

Hightown Season 3 Plot

The events of Hightown’s second season came to a head. There are numerous ways to continue the story from here. Here are all the possible storylines that could appear in the third season of Hightown. As a side note, we don’t know if the writers will incorporate these ideas.

Jorge’s death is a mystery that Saintelle is determined to solve. This will play a significant role in the plot. To make this happen, he’ll do whatever it takes. Frankie’s blackout issue is likely to be solved as well. What happened to him? Did he die, or was it all simply a ruse to get out of prison and exact vengeance on Osito? After imprisoning Frankie, Osito got a new adversary. As a result, he might expect a lot of difficulties.

Because they are now parents to a child, Renee’s silence about her relationship with Ray is bound to produce friction between them. And it appears that Renee has a Plan B in case things go awry.

We got a glimpse of her locating her fledgling luggage. As a result, we may expect a lot of drama to unfold in the future season. But what would Ray do when he learns that Renee was the one who murdered him? … Well, we’ll have to wait till the third season to find out!

Hightown Season 3 Is Officially On The Cards?

It’s finally here, finally. Hightown’s rebirth is sure to please many people who have been eagerly awaiting the news. The network has confirmed that Hightown will make a third-season appearance.
After the show got renewed for a second season, there are more mysteries to uncover.
We now have a date in mind for the re-release thanks to the extension. It will be a while before you hear anything about that, guys.

The head of Starz’s original programming, Kathryn Busby, stated, ‘We couldn’t be happier that Hightown has been renewed for a third season.’

When we return to Cape Cod, we’ll see our fabled characters face up against new foes and old foes alike in the shadows beneath this lovely setting.

Hightown Season 3 Trailer

Until now, there has been no trailer for the third season of Hightown to be seen. In the meantime, you can check out the Season 2 trailer here:


The Conclusion

‘Hightown Season 3’ is a must-see for fans of the show. Even if you’re not a fan of the word “Awwwwwww,” you’ll still be blown away by the show’s entertaining and gorgeous tale. It’s enthralling thanks to its high-quality graphics and animation effects. For hours of entertainment, watch it and let me know what you think in the comments area if haven’t already.

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