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Handyman Saito In Another World Anime
Handyman Saito In Another World Anime

Handyman Saito In Another World Anime 2022

Handyman Saito In Another World Anime: The release date of Handyman Saitou in Another World has been revealed just when you thought you had seen every Isekai anime.

Get ready for the next season in January 2023, in the middle of the Winter anime season.

Since the show’s announcement, various images have been shared on the official website and Twitter. They have also released a short PV trailer to pique interest.

Studio C2C, creators of recent hits like “Wandering Witch,” will oversee the anime adaptation. Likewise, now we can see people searching for Handyman Saito In Another World Anime.

What Will Handyman Saitou In Another World Be About?

If you’re curious about the plot of the upcoming Handyman Saitou spinoff series, you’re not alone.

This anime is based on the comedy adventure manga of the same name by Kazutomo Ichitomo, and it follows the adventures of a regular handyman named Saitou. He, for some reason, finds himself reincarnated in a fantasy world that is very different from ours.

He meets the formidable warrior Raelza, the senile wizard Morlock, and the fey Lafanpan.

His previously unremarkable set of abilities has begun to be helpful to his new friends on their quests. He can crack open treasure chests and fix his friends’ armor. Being needed for the first time has given him a sense of purpose he’s never experienced before.

What Is Isekai Anime?

If you’re unfamiliar with the term isekai, do not feel discouraged, as it can be foreign to plenty of anime fans.

The word isekai refers to a specific subgenre found in anime and manga. The subgenre is not unique to fantasy. However, it is commonly found in fantasy-themed shows.

A common theme in issekai is the teleportation of a character or group of characters to another dimension. Transportation modes are flexible. Reincarnation, portals, and magical summoning are standard methods by which fictional characters go to parallel universes.

Isekai anime tend to rely on a handful of cliches, such as universes based on the rules of well-known video games. However, many shows present original takes on classic plots.

Handyman Saito In Another World Anime
Handyman Saito In Another World Anime

Popular isekai titles like Re: Zero and The Rising of the Shield Hero are great starting points if you want to expand your anime horizons. There are numerous isekai series to pick from in the Summer 2022 anime season. There’s a wide variety to choose from, so something will appeal to you. Likewise, now we can see people searching for Handyman Saito In Another World Anime

Who Are The Members of The Production Team?

Handyman Saitou in Another World production team members include:

  • Director – Toshiyuki Kubooka
  • Animation – C2C
  • Scriptwriter – Kenta Ihara
  • Character Designer – Youko Tanabe
  • Music composer – Tomotaka Ousumi.

Where Can I Read The Handyman Saitou In Another World Manga?

Kazutomo Ichitomo creates the fantasy manga series Handyman Saitou in Another World. The series premiered in October 2018 as an online serial on Kadokawa Shoten’s ComicWalker website, and as of July 23, 2022, its episodes have been compiled into seven volumes.

Three hundred thousand copies of Handyman Saitou in Another World have been printed and sold.

Announcing the adaptation of Handyman Saitou in Another World to animation on January 19, 2022, was the official Twitter account for Kadokawa Anime.

Saitou, together with his entourage Raelza, Lanfanpan, and Morlock, were depicted in a jubilant illustration by Kazutomo Ichitomo, which was attached to the tweet.

The first teaser for the upcoming Handyman Saitou anime, Another World.ime Handyman Saitou in Another World.

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