Grimes Plastic Surgery: How Did Twitter Reacted To Her Changed Face?

On September 23, singer Grimes posted an Instagram photo of herself, prompting fans to speculate that she had undergone plastic surgery. The pop singer debuted a colorful look in the picture, with orange-yellow makeup around her eyes and purple lips.

The makeup, on the other hand, was not the topic of conversation. Twitter users couldn’t get enough of Grimes Plastic Surgery and Grimes’ swollen face and lips. The photo was accompanied by a caption in which the singer reportedly stated that she is “thinking about getting a white ink tattoo on her face.”

While Grimes did not specify when she took the selfie, it comes after she posted a photo of her bandaged face on Twitter, prompting fans to speculate that she underwent plastic surgery, most likely an elf ear modification. Fans believe Grimes only had a facelift after her most recent selfie.

For those unfamiliar, elf ear surgery is a plastic surgery in which your ears are sculpted to look pointy like elves’. Facelift surgery, on the other hand, reduces sagging and aging signs on your face and neck to make you look younger. Let’s talk about Grimes Plastic Surgery.

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Why Do People Think That Grimes Has Had Plastic Surgery?

Social media users are under the impression that the singer has somehow altered her appearance. Previously, on September 17, Grimes uploaded a picture to her Instagram account showing her with bandages wrapped around her ears, scalp, and jaw. The caption accompanying the image with the caption: “I did smthn crazy.

Below we have given a Tweet related to the matter. You can scroll down to see the Tweet.

She requested suggestions for “elf ear modifiers” in Los Angeles and Austin in her tweet from August 16. The artist wrote:

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Twitter Responded To A Selfie Posted By Grimes

People on social media started comparing Grimes’s before and after photos when she uploaded her most recent photo to social media. Some people are certain that she had some surgical procedure done, while others believe that the swelling is due to the unusual makeup that she is wearing in the picture.

A number of users are showing their support for the singer by arguing that she should be allowed to alter her appearance in any way that she chooses. Through their tweets, her admirers are sending her encouraging words and messages.

Grimes Plastic Surgery
Grimes Plastic Surgery

When it was revealed that the singer might not have had ear elf surgery, many of the singer’s followers experienced disappointment.
The pop singer has revealed that she will be releasing her newest album very shortly. On September 21, 2021, she entered into a “semi-separation” from Elon Musk. They have two children: a son named X A-12 and a daughter named Exa Musk.

Conclusion: the recent Instagram post by Grimes has sparked speculation among fans that she may have undergone plastic surgery, particularly a facelift or elf ear modification. While some users have shown support for the singer’s right to alter her appearance, others have expressed disappointment if it turns out that she didn’t actually have the elf ear surgery. Despite the attention on her appearance, Grimes has also announced the release of her latest album and her recent “semi-separation” from Elon Musk, with whom she shares two children.

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