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General Hospital Hospital Spoilers
General Hospital Hospital Spoilers

General Hospital Hospital Spoilers: Who is the New Cast of General Hospital 2022?

The most recent General Hospital spoilers for the next two weeks, from Monday, September 12 through Friday, September 23 can be found on Soaps.com. While Jordan and Dante are called to a crime scene after receiving a cryptic call from Nikolas, Dex is given a hard reminder of who’s boss, Willow loses her cool, and Valentin is forced to improvise.

General Hospital spoilers week of September 12:

Recap: Jordan and Curtis receive devastating news, Cody and Ms. Wu reach a business agreement, and Liz has an epiphany regarding Nikolas.

To whom will Stella break the news that she has to leave town?

Is Ned worried about Brook Lynn’s romance with the singing cop because he recognizes something of himself in Chase?

If Sonny tells Nikolas what he thinks, he might want to hear it. Maybe if they worked together they might stop Victor from being a problem.

Although they haven’t always gotten along, Finn appreciates his father’s support.

Cody goes to see Selina to propose, and the two of them are exactly the kind of troublemakers that could get into a lot of trouble together. Does she think he’s worth the bother, or will she pass on the offer?

Here, fan-favorite Cole Hauser (Rip) shows his mom the time of her life on a ride across Yellowstone.

General Hospital spoilers for Tuesday, September 13:

Drew and Marshall get rid of the stale air like turning on a couple of ceiling fans to high.

When Portia goes to see Ava, will it be for business, pleasure, or both? After all, more so than others, Trina’s mother has a vested interest in the success of the teen’s mentor’s rehabilitation.

Nikolas makes a strange phone call; does he intend to resolve one issue or bring about a new one? Given that it’s Nikolas we’re talking about, it may be both.

General Hospital Hospital Spoilers
General Hospital Hospital Spoilers

Sasha makes a significant choice, but is she thinking clearly?

Someone’s life is in jeopardy. It’s possible the hook is going to pounce again.

Oh, our feelings! To the core of our beings! They won’t be able to steal the thoughtful birthday card Wes Ramsey sent to Laura Wright.

General Hospital spoilers for Wednesday, September 14:

As often happens with the best-laid plans, Carly’s trip ran into trouble.

Can you imagine how uncomfortable it would be if Drew and Sam, who recently divorced, started talking about their past relationships? Who knows if they’ll be able to keep looking forward or if they’ll start thinking about the past.

If he shouts “Eureka!”

But that… However, Sonny had an epiphany.

If Jordan and Dante had to be called to a crime scene, then whoever was in danger is probably dead.

A case for which Nikolas argues. Which he should be rather proficient at, considering his penchant for making major errors. Will the person he is pleading with listen to him?

General Hospital spoilers for Thursday, September 15:

How could they have ran out of things to talk about so early in their relationship? Has to be, if Trina discusses Spencer with Rory of all people.

Will the sexy henchman Dex obey Michael’s orders when he is reminded of his status as boss… or will he consider switching sides?

Carly is met by an unwelcoming individual. Could this be the item that has been brought back from the dead?

Willow loses her cool, which is understandable given the pressure she’s under.

There is a chance that TJ will be discussing Willow when he provides an update on a patient. Is this the cause of her rage tantrums?

General Hospital spoilers for Friday, September 16:

Who else can you rely on if not your closest friend? That’s exactly what Britt thinks when she tells Brad how she really feels.

When Curtis has a suspicion, you should pay attention because he’s probably accurate nine times out of ten.

This seems like it’s going to be really cute. The two of them form a close relationship. Do yourself a favour and stay away from the moppet’s bartending services, Cody.

When compared to Jordan, Sonny thinks differently. Which, given that he is a professional criminal and she is a dedicated law enforcer, should naturally occur more frequently.

Uh-oh. If Dante doesn’t trust Dex, then Michael’s mole is probably about to be exposed.

General Hospital spoilers week of September 19:

Curtis reassures Portia like any kind future husband would.

As Elizabeth continues to piece together her past, we have a better idea of what’s been going on.

Ah! Joss and Trina go back to being best friends as usual; Trina, Cameron’s girlfriend, complains to Joss about her boyfriend. Perhaps he had done something to annoy his sweetheart.

Gregory extends an invitation to Alexis, and we seriously doubt that she will decline it after seeing that grin of his.

Dex acts as a go-between, but with whom? Is Sonny about to find out that his new employee is working for Michael?

Spoilers for Tuesday, September 20th, on General Hospital:

Sonny thinks about his dad Mike’s death while the town of Port Charles rallies together to honor one of their own.

Carly takes on another challenge despite her extensive list of ongoing personal and professional conflicts.

When TJ needs a shoulder to lean on, Stella is right there for him.

During their session, Portia is hoping that Finn will be able to give her some guidance.

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