Unicron Vs. Galactus: Who Is Stronger And Who Wins?

Unicron vs. Galactus: Galactus is often regarded as one of the Marvel Universe’s mightiest heroes. This is partly because of his ability to consume entire planets, therefore erasing some creatures from existence.

The ultimate bad guy in the Transformers universe, Unicron, steps in at this point. Galactus and Unicron are two of the most powerful beings in the universe; both have the ability to bend space and time to their will and can grow to planetary proportions.

Unicron Vs. Galactus: Who Is Stronger And Who Wins?

It was a tough battle, but in the end Unicron emerged victorious. His abilities are more formidable than Galactus’s, and the fact that he is immortal seals his doom. In addition, Galactus’s strength is limited by how much he has “eaten,” whereas Unicron is not.

Unicron is eternal because he personifies evil and hatred, and reality will never end. There is no avoiding his immense, hyperversal powers. Unicron’s only possible opponent in this fight is Ultimate Nullifier, however it’s unclear how much of an impact that weapon would have against him.

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Powers And Abilities

Even if Galactus tried to fight back, he would be completely outmatched. His might allows him to satisfy his desire by consuming entire worlds. The “Power Cosmic” that Galactus wields is a source of infinite cosmic energy. When it comes to energy and space-time, Galactus can do whatever he wants.

He has the power to control the laws of nature and the very souls of those he touches. Distances in the cosmos are of little consequence to him because he is capable of telepathy and teleportation. He can “erase existence” with the help of his Ultimate Nullifier. He is known to use “heralds” and has the ability to grant and revoke power with his Cosmic Power. Beings empowered with a small amount of Cosmic Power, whose primary function is to assist him.

In every way, Unicron is superior to Galactus. Also, planets are fair game for him, as he can eat them whole. Hell, he can eat an entire world and leave nothing behind except emptiness. Unicron’s abilities extend to the manipulation of matter, energy, time, space, matter, soul, and even gravity itself. Unicron is able to use heralds in the same way, to carry out his orders. The fact that Unicron exists only in a person’s mind gives him immense power, far surpassing that of Galactus.

Strength And Stamina 

Galactus can presumably lift at least a hundred tonnes. And this is just the beginning; there is enormous room for improvement in his source beyond what can be measured. As a result, we can state categorically that Galactus’ power is infinite. Given his wide array of other skills, he rarely needs to rely on this particular one. Since Galactus can control gravity and bend space-time, he can alter any aspect of the universe.

Unicron’s initial power is also unfathomable. You can see him cupping the planet Earth in his hand in the next panel. He, like Galactus, rarely needs to use his brute force to accomplish his goals. If he encounters an object that is “impossible” for him to lift, he need only alter his perception of reality to grant himself the ability to do so. Unicron and Galactus each possess boundless stores of strength. Galactus’ stamina, like his strength, is tied to his level of present hunger. Therefore, Unicron triumphs in this match.


There is no clear victor between Galactus and Unicron in this area. They can both travel faster than light and reach speeds that are practically infinite. When you can create portals between dimensions and teleport, walking seems like an unnecessary hassle. The same holds true in battle. When you can manipulate reality and bend space-time to your whim, you can get by almost entirely on your mental prowess and rarely have to rely on your physical prowess or speed. Both Unicron and Galactus recognise the need of speed.


Although Thor recently killed Galactus, both Unicron and Galactus are theoretically immortal. As far as we know, Galactus is completely resistant to injury, illness, and poison. He rarely stays dead for long enough for it to matter, and he can bring himself back to life even after being annihilated. The ability to reorganise molecules is one of his many talents.

This is different from the healing factor. It packs a lot more punch. Even if Galactus is severely injured, he can simply rearrange his atoms to “repair” the problem. Death, for the reasons already indicated, may likewise be unable to claim him. Eventually, he will rise from the dead.

Unicron vs. Galactus
Unicron vs. Galactus

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Defeating Unicron is impossible. Even if his avatar, conduit, or vessel is destroyed or otherwise compromised, Unicron is still likely to survive the cosmos. If he is completely wiped out, he can yet recover. He had previously destroyed the cosmos and lived in the ensuing vacuum. He has no appetite and hence needs no food. Unicron will remain in existence so long as evil does. He exists only as an idea or a thought, neither of which can be destroyed. Because of his monstrous size, Unicron easily defeats his rivals.


Even Galactus can’t outsmart his knowledge. The entirety of reality is known to him. His level of perception is unfathomable. It’s safe to assume he’s as smart as Unicron, who is also infinite in his brilliance. He can see into the past, present, and future thanks to his calculations. Both of them are correct when discussing omniscience.


Galactus’s Ultimate Nullifier is the most impressive piece of gear he carries. It’s one of the deadliest weapons in the Marvel Universe, with the potential to wreak havoc on a galactic scale. Why? For the simple reason that it can destroy reality itself.

Unicron is unarmed. He’s armed to the teeth with a wide array of lasers, firearms, swords, and other devices, but his broad abilities mean he never needs to resort to using Ultimate Nullifier. Since Unicron doesn’t have any special or unusual weaponry, this round belongs to Galactus.


There is one major flaw in Galactus’s defences. If he doesn’t have enough food and energy, he gets much weaker. Since his health has deteriorated, he is now vulnerable to attack by beings that are significantly weaker than him. His powers diminish without food, and he is vulnerable in this state.

Unicron, on the other hand, is completely impervious to harm. The Matrix of Leadership is frequently brought up in such discussions. A Star Harvester draws power from the Matrix, and it can also be utilised to reignite the dormant Transformer’s spark. Given that the Matrix cannot be utilised to destroy Unicron but simply to slow him down, it cannot be considered a vulnerability either. Galactus has been defeated by entities considerably weaker than Unicron, hence it is clear that Unicron is the winner in this round.

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