Excalibur In Final Fantasy 16: How to Get It?

Final Fantasy games are well-known for featuring ultra-powerful optional weapons for its characters to seek down and wield devastating effects, and Final Fantasy 16 is no exception.

Obtaining the tremendous power of the famous sword Excalibur will not be easy, but you may find it well worth the effort. Here’s how you can get Excalibur.

Final Fantasy 16 Excalibur Obtaining

Excalibur is acquired by completing the “Blacksmith’s Blues II” side-mission, which you can obtain from Blackthorne the Blacksmith at the Hideaway while in the middle of the main plot quest “Out of the Shadow.” However, you must finish the “Blacksmith’s Blues” quest to get this optional quest.

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Check your desk notes later to read a letter titled “About Blackthorne,” then go and chat with Blackthorne himself. After you’ve begun “Blacksmith’s Blues II” and spoken with Blackthorne and Charon, go to your map and fast-travel to Dalimil Inn to talk with Ignac. You’ll find him upstairs at the tavern, asking you to fetch something from some bandits.

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Make your way to the Velkroy Desert and defeat the bandits in the northeastern region. After defeating them, you’ll be returned to Dalimil Inn. Following the cutscene, return to Blackthorne at the Hideaway to complete this quest and obtain the Excalibur Design Draft, finally allowing you to create Excalibur.

The required materials include:

  • Wyrrite x300
  • Grimalkin Hide x1
  • Bomb Ember x1
  • Scarletite x1
Excalibur In Final Fantasy 16
Excalibur In Final Fantasy 16

While Wyrrite is common and likely filling your inventory, the other materials can be earned by defeating animals such as Fastitocalon, Grimalkin, and Bomb King during hunts. Speaking of the Bomb King, you’ll need to fight him to enhance your inventory to kill two birds with one stone.

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