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Aliens Dark Descent Gameplay
Aliens Dark Descent Gameplay

Aliens Dark Descent Gameplay Tips to Avoid Being Detected!

In Aliens: Dark Descent, avoiding notice can make the difference between success and failure, as survival is sometimes about going in guns blazing.

Tindalos Interactive’s Aliens: Dark Descent is a single-player, squad-based RTS game in which players must organize their movements across multiple map areas on the planet Lethe in order to survive the hunting alien xenomorphs. Fortunately, several Aliens: Dark Descent stealth gameplay hints can assist players in avoiding detection and defeating the aliens in their cat-and-mouse game.

Enemy detection is a key component that connects to other gameplay mechanics in Aliens: Dark Descent, such as Alien Aggressiveness, making it one of the most sophisticated Aliens franchise video games. Although each player has a distinct playstyle, avoiding detection is frequently critical and can save a lot of team patch-ups and repeat mission visits.

Aliens Dark Descent Gameplay Hints To Avoid Detection

Aliens: Dark Descent players can use the following Aliens: Dark Descent techniques to avoid hostile detection and help their mission succeed:

Weld Doors Shut

The Aliens: Dark Descent map shows rooms with only one exit with a green shelter icon, allowing players to create a safe zone. Not only do these make excellent stress-relieving rest stops for Marines, but they may also be used to escape patrolling adversaries by welding doors to keep aliens out.

Aliens Dark Descent Gameplay
Aliens Dark Descent Gameplay

In the Dead Hills mission, for example, players discover an unconscious human as aliens lurk nearby. Although welding doors requires resources, they can provide vital breathing room while the team does other tasks.

Crouch To Use Cover

The prologue of Aliens: Dark Descent shows gamers ducking for shelter as Administrator Hayes hides from a Xenomorph drone. Staying out of the alien’s line of sight while using the map and motion tracker to plot the next move can be critical.

Aliens Dark Descent Gameplay
Aliens Dark Descent Gameplay

If you’re using an Xbox controller, crouch by pressing the right D-pad button. Squads, on the other hand, can only crouch behind certain environmental objects, as indicated by the green squares on the floor.

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Deployable Motion Trackers and Sentry Guns Are Decoys

Motion trackers are one of the squad talents that players can use to identify and track aliens. However, clicking on a deployed motion tracker on the map causes it to overflow, alerting the attention of the aliens, who rush for it.

Aliens Dark Descent Gameplay
Aliens Dark Descent Gameplay

It’s a useful decoy approach for players who need to clear off areas of the map from patrolling aliens. Players can also utilize sentry guns to divert the attention of aliens away from Marines.

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