Firewall Ultra release date
Firewall Ultra release date

The Little Mermaid Release Date: Gameplay in 2022!

Firewall Ultra’s release date will bring with it new game types and improved gaming features, building on the success of the original game, which encouraged players to band together and battles it out in virtual reality deathmatches.

You can find out everything we know about the virtual reality shooter right here. If you’re as psyched as we are to get your hands on Sony’s next headset, then stay tuned as we update this guide with additional information.

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Firewall Ultra Release Date Rumours

To coincide with the launch of the PSVR 2 in early 2023, we anticipate the release of Firewall Ultra at around the same time. Although neither Firewall Ultra nor PSVR 2 have a confirmed release date, given that the former is an exclusive to Sony’s new headset, and the latter was positively received by fans, it seems likely that Firewall Ultra will arrive alongside the latter as a premium experience for gamers.

Firewall Ultra release date
Firewall Ultra release date

Firewall Ultra Gameplay

In the trailer for Firewall Ultra, we saw some of the game in action (below). Compared to the original game, the visuals have improved greatly, and the mapping of your body’s movements into the game seems spot-on, making it easier to accomplish things like push open doors.

Firewall Ultra Modes

Firewall Ultra expands upon the original game’s player against player (PvP) gameplay by adding player versus environment (PvE) modes in which players can form alliances with one another to take on AI-controlled foes.

The inclusion of “tactical multiplayer objectives” suggests game types may expand beyond the standard team deathmatch. The promotional video portrays one of these goals as hacking a computer while evading adversaries.

That concludes our knowledge of the Firewall Ultra release window, the gameplay we’ve seen, and the game modes we can anticipate. If you can’t wait for Sony’s next VR experience, check out our list of all the titles coming to PSVR 2, or if you’re itching to shoot something, read our guide to the greatest competitive first-person shooters.

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