vesper’: where to watch And Everything We Know So Far!

What Is Vesper About?

An outstanding dystopian picture, Vesper is a loving homage to the genre’s illustrious past, both in terms of its story and its visual style, set against a post-apocalyptic landscape. The plot revolves around Vesper, a 13-year-old girl played by Raffiella Chapman, who meets a woman with a secret that could save the world after the destruction of Earth’s ecosystem.

She and her crippled father Darius (Richard Brake), who talks to her via a drone, must adapt to their harsh environment and use her biohacking skills to not just live, but thrive, while they look for a better tomorrow. Raffiella Chapman’s lead performance has been much-heralded, and rightfully so—no it’s easy feat for any actor, let alone a young actor, to carry an entire science fiction narrative.

When Is Vesper Coming Out?

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