Pokemon Go Season of Light: Alolan Legendaries, start date & More Details!

Beach-themed Pokemon were added to the game in the wake of the Season of Alola and Season of Go long-term events, giving players plenty to do this year. Many people will be wondering what will happen after Season of Go ends on September 1, 2022.

New updates are arriving on the Pokemon Go social media channels after the recent Pokemon Go Fest 2022 closing event with Ultra Beasts and a mysterious narrative surrounding the disappearance of Professor Willow. Even though they are infrequent, these updates have provided us with information on the next Pokemon Go season, including its title and release window.

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Pokemon Go Season Of Light Start & End Dates

Season of Light would run from September 1, 2022, through December that year, according per a tweet by PokemonGoApp.

the next Pokémon GO Season of Light
the next Pokémon GO Season of Light

According to the date stamp on the tweet, more details about the event will be made available on January 9th.

What is currently known About Seasons Of Light?

Little information is available at this time concerning the next season of Pokemon Go. The official Pokemon Go blog hasn’t posted any new information in a while, but a trailer posted by the PokemonGoApp Twitter account hints at some interesting developments.

The 21-second clip loops, revealing a starry sky above the heads of two silhouetted trainers. The constellation that appears resembles the Sun & Moon Legendary Pokemon Cosmoem in shape. There will then be a sunburst and an image of the moon.

As many players have speculated, the next event in Pokemon Go will likely feature the debut of the Alolan Legendary Pokemon Solgaleo and Lunala. While the video doesn’t come out and say they’ll be introduced, the clues certainly make it a distinct possibility.

This year’s Season of Light event spans late autumn and early winter, so with the next updates from Niantic, we can anticipate that players will be tasked with completing various objectives as a means of wrapping up the year.

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