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Log Horizon Season 4
Log Horizon Season 4

Log Horizon Season 4: Cast, Spoilers Updated In 2022!

What Is The Storyline Of Log Horizon

The story of the anime series Log Horizon spans multiple genres, including fantasy, adventure, and science fiction, and centers on the massively popular online role-playing game Elder Tale, which has millions of players logging in at any given time. At the time of the release of the game’s twelfth expansion pack, however, the thirty thousand or so players who are still logged in find themselves trapped inside the game world, where an antisocial player by the name of Shiroe teams up with a group of

Log Horizon Season 4 Spoiler

The plot of Log Horizon’s fourth season has everyone anticipating its release with bated breath. There are currently no spoilers available for the future season of Log Horizon, and the show’s production company has not yet made any announcements about season two.

Which Volumes Will Log Horizon season 4 cover?

Because of this, the possibility that “Twilight Orphan,” which appears in volume 14 of the manga, will serve as the premiere episode of the fourth season of “Log Horizon” is growing. If that’s the case, we might get to see Shiroe and the rest of the heroes of “Elder Tale” travel to the Chinese servers of the game to track down their missing friend, Krusty.

Log Horizon Season 4 Possible Release Date

The anime studio has yet to renew The Log Horizon for a fourth season, although they want to do so shortly. The premiere date and time for Log Horizon Season 4 will be announced after the show’s renewal has been finalized.

Log Horizon Season 4 Cast

Season 4 of Log Horizon has not been officially confirmed, but the series is expected to be renewed soon. When it is, the new voice cast of Log Horizon, including Mike Yager, who will voice the character Shiroe, Jad Saxton, who will voice the character Akatsuki, Andrew Love, who will voice the character Naotsugu, Jovan Jackson, who will voice the character Nyan-ta, and Eins, who will voice the character Nyan-ta, will also be confirmed.

Log Horizon Season 4
Log Horizon Season 4

Log Horizon Studio And Director And Other Team Details

MamareTouno and Kazuhiro Hara create the manga for the Log Horizon series, and Studio Deen is responsible for the animation. ToshizouNemoto penned the anime series, which was directed by Shinji Ishihara and Junichi Wada, produced by Kenichirou Maeshiro, and based on a manga of the same name.

Log Horizon Season 4 Rating And Review


Critics were quite enthusiastic about the most recent season of Log Horizon, singling out the show’s story, animation, and characters for special appreciation. MyAnimeList users gave this show an impressive 7.94/10, and IMDB users gave it a solid 7.6/10.


A video game based on Touno Mamare’s manga Log Horizon has been developed. Log Horizon is a great animation that brings a new point of view to the world of video games. It’s a common misconception that log horizon is a form of virtual reality. At first glance, it seems like a blatant copy of Sword Art Online, but as the story progresses, the focus turns from action to world-building and management.

How Many Episodes Will Log Horizon Season 4 Have?

Log Horizon’s season finale left viewers wanting more, so they’re waiting patiently for a new season to premiere. However, producers have yet to confirm when they will begin filming Season 4. Season 3 was only supposed to have 12 episodes, therefore it’s unclear how many there will be in season 4. There have been conflicting claims as to how many episodes will be in the season.

Where Can You Watch Log Horizon Season 4?

If you want to watch the popular anime series Log Horizon, you can stream all three seasons right now on Netflix; all you have to do is sign up for a membership and start watching.

Log Horizon Season 4 Trailer Update

There has not yet been a release date announced for the official Log Horizon Season 4 trailer. It looks like it will be available for purchase soon. The first season of Log Horizon has an official trailer, so let’s watch it.

Frequently Ask Question About Log Horizon Season 4?

1. Will there be a season 4 of Log Horizon?

Still, the Log Horizon is not renewed for season 4.

2. Which arc is season 4 going to cover?

No updates are available on which Arc will be covered in season 4 of Log Horizon.

3. Is Log Horizon Manga complete?

Yes, the Log Horizon manga series is completed.

4. Is Log Horizon Manga better than anime?

The Log Horizon manga series is very popular, but the anime series has also been well animated and accurately followed all the chapters of the manga.

5. Who is the highest level in Log Horizon?

Kazuhiko has the highest level in Log Horizon.

6. Is the Elder tale a real game?

No, the Elder tale is just a fictional game.

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