Re Zero Season 3: Return to Another World

Fans are concerned about how long they will have to wait for Re:Zero: Season 3 because the first and second seasons’ gap was approximately five years long. Since news of upcoming franchise ventures typically occurs out of the blue, it is difficult to provide an answer to that issue.

The upcoming season is still unknown officially. It isn’t enjoyable to hear that. However, even though the third season of the isekai anime is still in the future, the franchise has consistently maintained its activity level between mainline seasons by releasing films and spin-off series. Here’s all you should know about Re:Zero: Season 3 if you’ve been anticipating its return.

Re: Zero Season 3 Release Date?

Unfortunately, there has been no word on when Re: Zero Season 3 will be available to watch online. The show is not known for having many seasons because it takes some time before each renewal is announced; nonetheless, if we were to offer a reasonable estimate, we would say that the fall of 2024 is a good bet for when the show would return.

Re Zero Season 3
Re Zero Season 3

We don’t think it’s out of the question for Re: Zero to get a third season, as it is a very successful anime with a highly committed fanbase to the show.

Re:Zero: Season 3 Plot Synopsis

Re:Zero: The third season starts with the light novel’s “Stars that Engrave History” arc. It starts in volume 16 and is the fifth official arc of the golden book. It spans roughly a dozen chapters as well. Therefore the third season should include 12–13 episodes.

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In the story’s storyline, Emilia and her companions travel to Watergate City to meet Anastasia, but the Witch Cult seizes control of the city while they are there. Subaru strives to unite all the nearby tribes to save his loved ones now that his buddies are trapped.

Which Studio Is Making Re:Zero: Season 3?

Re:Zero: Season 3 may already be in production, but we don’t know. If it is, though, Studio White Fox may once more animate the show. Every subsequent season of the anime, except the Re: PETIT spin-off, has been produced by White Fox. Therefore it seems likely that the company will pick up the project again.

Crunchyroll tweeted that Starting Life in another world Season 3 has Officially been Announced. You can see below. 

The studio may sound familiar because they have previously animated several well-known anime series like Akame ga Kill!, Steins; Gate, and Goblin Slayer. In addition, the superb graphic design of White Fox’s Re: Zero is sufficient justification for their return.

Where Will Re:Zero: Season 3 Be Aired?

The anime’s second season is sadly not as widely accessible as the first, although being available on many more services than the first. Re:Zero: Season 3 will probably only be open on Crunchyroll and HBO Max in light of this. Nevertheless, nothing has been agreed upon yet, so proceed with caution.

It is simple to understand why there is such a strong desire for a third season of Re: Zero because it is one of those exceptional isekai gems you only come across every few years. The creators have expressed interest in continuing the series, so hopefully, luck is on the side of the anime lovers hoping for a comeback.

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