Cod Season 4
Cod Season 4

Everything We Know About Call of Duty: Mobile Season 4

Season four of Call of Duty: Mobile, dubbed “Wild Dogs,” will begin later this month, and developer Activision has teased new features.

All of this and more will be added to the game when the next season begins. Additionally, a new battle pass with new blueprints and operators will be made available. Check out the latest details on Call of Duty: Mobile’s upcoming fourth season.

Release Date

Season four of Call of Duty: Mobile will begin on April 27 at 7 p.m. Central Time, as confirmed by Activision. Season four’s content update, on the other hand, should be released a day or two before the season premiere to allow players to update their games ahead of time and begin playing the new season immediately.

New Map: Khandar Hideout

Modern Warfare’s Khandar Hideout map is being released for mobile devices. It’s a three-lane map that takes place in a desert city.

New Map: Satellite

The Satellite from Black Ops Cold War is the second map to be added to CoD: Mobile in season four. Angola’s Central African Desert is the setting for this enormous map.

New Weapon: Koshka

Season four of Call of Duty: Mobile will feature a brand new sniper rifle. Reaching Battle Pass Tier 21 grants you free access to the powerful bolt-action sniper rifle Koshka.

New Mode: Ground War

Season four of Call of Duty: Mobile will feature a new mode called Ground War, which allows players to use vehicles in multiplayer matches. Satellite and Aniyah Incursion will feature a 12-vs-12 mode. This mode is similar to a beefed-up version of Domination in that teams must capture and hold multiple capture points to earn points. The winner will be the first to reach 300 points.

Cod Season 4
Cod Season 4

Motorcycles, ATVs, and tanks are among the vehicles available on the map.

New Equipment: Contact Grenade

Season four of Call of Duty: Mobile will bring the Contact Grenade from Advanced Warfare. The grenade, as the name implies, explodes upon contact with any surface. Reaching Tier 14 of the Battle Pass unlocks it for free.

New Tournament Mode

Stage 2 of CoD: Mobile World Championship 2022 has been given a new tournament mode by Activision. Elite players will be rewarded with the Epic DL Q33—Red Sprite and the Shadow Blade—Red Sprite, as well as a leaderboard.

New Melee: Kali Sticks

This melee weapon, which first appeared in Modern Warfare, allows players to move quickly and attack quickly. Season four of Call of Duty: Mobile will see the introduction of the Kali Sticks.

Season Four Themed Event: Sandstorm’s Eye

There are XP payouts, the Otter—Sand Drift Operator, and the Locus—Side Swindler as part of the season four-themed event. To unlock the rewards, players must traverse a map while completing daily tasks.

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