Classic Snake Game
Classic Snake Game

Craving the Classic Snake Game on Your Phone? Play This Modern Story !

If you’re nostalgic for the days when Nokia reigned the mobile phone industry and wanted to play Snake on your smartphone, is a fantastic option! is a web-based version of the game, and you may play it on your computer by visiting it. The iPhone version, which allows you to play anytime you have a few minutes to spare, such as while waiting in line or on your daily commute, is the focus of this review.

Much like the original Snake, isn’t the same. Colorful visuals and simple but effective design are the first noticeable differences between the two. Online play with other players from around the world is available, as is a single-player phone battle against the game’s artificial intelligence (A.I.).
Your goal is to make your way around the screen like a little snake. The default control method is to follow an arrow that follows your finger as you move it around. There are three control ways to choose from. The snake is responsive and easy to control.

As you approach the edges of the playing area, the screen scrolls to keep up with you.

Other snakes slither about, and these are either controlled by real individuals or by the game’s artificial intelligence, depending on your choice of gameplay. The names and scores of other players, as well as your snake length, are visible in the upper right corner of the screen when playing online.
If you run into your tail in the original Snake game, you die, but with it is perfectly safe to do so while twisting and turning. When two snakes come head-to-head, you both die, but if you run into each other, you both die.

Classic Snake Game
Classic Snake Game

Naturally, you can try to purposely make another snake hit you and kill it by getting in its way, and they may try the same on you.
However, other snakes are more likely to avoid you as a result of this.
Food appears as coloured dots all over the screen. You’ll see an increase in the length and weight of your snake if you feed it these. Dots that are larger grow you faster, while others fly away and try to avoid being devoured.
You can speed up your slithering speed to grab more snakes and to dodge other snakes that are getting too close with the use of the speed-up button.
Even though the game has only a few levels and a simple premise, it is as addicting and entertaining as the original Snake was.
Customize your snake’s segments by choosing the colours and designs that appear as it grows. is a fantastic game with a great score on the App Store. Add it to your collection if you’re looking for a simple, addictive, and amusing game.

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