Chinese Anime Characters
Chinese Anime Characters

10 Best Chinese Anime Character of All Time

Anime’s creative center is in Japan, where fresh stories are often selected and adapted for television. Due to the media’s obsession with Japanese productions, several worthy foreign works go unnoticed by audiences. As it turns out, some fantastic Chinese animation is slowly making its way into the Western media.

All animation produced in China is considered Chinese anime, or Donghua, regardless of style or origin. With the success of numerous Chinese comics (manhuas) on both the home and foreign fronts, the popularity of Chinese anime has skyrocketed, and the production values of Chinese animation have improved dramatically.

1. Link Click

A tiny shop operating under the name “Time Photo Studio” can be found in an otherwise deserted section of a large city. Although Cheng Xiaoshi and Lu Guang, two individuals with paranormal talents, manage the entrance, it appears to be deserted. To satisfy their clients, Lu Guang and Cheng Xiaoshi work together to employ their magical abilities to enter photos.

Every time they appear in a film, though, they are taking a huge chance. If they make a mistake, it might change not only the photographer’s career but the course of history. As a result, they have to put aside their emotions and concentrate on doing the task they were paid to do when the events they are forced to live through in these photos begin to feel personal.

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2. Grandmaster of Demonic Cultivation

The demonic cultivation route that Wei Wuxian established made him a dreaded grandmaster. Thirteen years after his death, he reincarnates as a man named Mo Xuanyu, who was detested by his clan and family and offered his body as a sacrifice to Wei Wuxian in the hopes of exacting revenge.

Then, he runs across an old classmate named Lan Wangji. From this point on, the clans will be plagued by a mystical mystery that threatens to interfere with their daily lives. Despite facing off against ghosts, demons, and even other cultivators, the two unexpectedly create a relationship.

3. Scissor Seven

The Netflix original series Scissor Seven is a Chinese anime comedy that originally aired in China under the name Killer 7. The donghua chronicles the events in Wu Liuqi’s life, a forgotten bounty hunter (Seven). After failing a professional killing crash course, the clumsy and penniless Seven decides to run a barber shop as a cover.

Eventually, he makes the decision to enter the assassin profession, but he quickly discovers that he is a complete failure at it. He is capable of deadly telekinetic scissor tactics and seamless shapeshifting, yet he consistently botches his killings and ends up killing the wrong individuals. Seven is just a guy who wants to find his lost history, so he got a day job as a hairdresser and brought along his feathery companion Dai Bo.

4. The King’s Avatar

Based on Hu Die plan’s online novel, The King’s Avatar is a highly regarded Chinese animation. The series follows the fictional players of a massively multiplayer online video game called Glory in the Chinese esports scene. When Ye Xiu, widely regarded as the game’s finest player, was forced to leave as captain of the esports team, he also gave up his position as the game’s strongest account.

He gets a job as the night manager at Happy Internet Cafe, where he meets Chen Guo, the owner and a passionate fan of his old squad, Ye Qiu (under a different name). Ye Xiu keeps playing the game while he waits to return to the professional arena, creating a brand new character and striving for the championship and glory.

5. Soul Land

When it comes to the usage of secret weapons, no one can compare to Tang San, one of the most revered disciples of the Tang Sect martial arts clan. The elders of the sect have high hopes for Tang’s future, and they are disappointed that he has chosen to risk death in order to learn the sect’s forbidden lore.

Now that he has accomplished his goal, he passes his legacy on to the sect and commits suicide by jumping from Hell’s Peak. But he had no idea that this would lead him to a realm where magic, martial arts, and grudges did not exist. There was a place where only the mysterious souls of warriors could rest. A new path marks the beginning of a new legend.

6. Martial Master

The protagonist, Qin Chen, was a former top genius in the military domain until the people plotted to have him wander into the forbidden realm of the mainland and fall into the death canyon. Qin Chen’s untimely demise suddenly unleashed the might of the ancient sword’s secret origins.

Three centuries later, in a far-flung corner of the Tianwu mainland, a young man with the same name as Qin Chen unwittingly inherited his fortune. Qin Chen courageously took up the task of sustaining the five kingdoms of the globe and stepped back into the road of martial arts in order to rewrite the myth of the strong man in hope of the sun and safeguard all he loves.

Chinese Anime Characters
Chinese Anime Characters

7. The Daily Life Of The Immortal King

Anime series The Daily Life of the Immortal King is based on a novel by Chinese author Kuxuan and is available on Netflix. The protagonist of the donghua is Wang Ling, a child prodigy who, at the age of six, vanquishes a monstrous creature. At 16, though, he meets his toughest challenge to date: junior high.

His ideal, low-key high school existence is becoming further and further away as one obstacle after another appears. Wang Ling is a genius cultivator who has reached a new realm every two years since he was a year old, making him a near-invincible being with power far beyond his control. I wondered if he’d make it through a typical school day.

8. Tales Of Demons And Gods

Tales of Demons and Gods is a famous Donghua based on the manhua about Nie Li, the strongest demon spiritualist in the past. When Nie Li is killed fighting the Sage Emperor and his followers, he is resurrected 13 years earlier.

Although he is the class’s least talented student, he hopes to save the city from destruction in the future at the hands of demon monsters. He also makes up his mind to wipe off the alleged Sacred family, who, in his previous life, was conceited enough to shirk their responsibility and betray the city.

9. Battle Through The Heavens

The Chinese animation Battle through the Heavens is based on the popular web book of the same name by Heavenly Silkworm Potato. In a world devoid of magic. A society in which the powerful dictate to the powerless. A world of tempting riches and stunning scenery, but also of hidden peril.

Xiao Yan, who displayed abilities not seen in decades, abruptly lost his abilities, his reputation, and his vow to his mother three years ago. When hope had nearly left him, a light shone forth from the ring in his palm, and a fresh path opened before him. Hard work paid off, and he was able to write a magnificent tale.

10. Full-Time Magister

Mo Fan, a reclusive high school senior, has found himself in a parallel but very different universe, one in which magic has supplanted the very essence of science. Mo Fan enrolls in the world-famous magic school despite his lack of money and experience so that he can one day become a magician and help provide for his disabled sister and aging father.

However, he became the school’s punching bag after tales circulated about his meager means and alleged inability to do any magic. However, not only does he control the potent fire element, but he also controls the uncommon lightning element! With these two gifts in hand, Mo Fan sets out on his path to becoming a powerful magician who can defend his loved ones.

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