Chicken Run 2
Chicken Run 2

Chicken Run 2: Is There A New Chicken Run Movie Coming Out?

Chicken Run 2: In 2018, it was stated that Aardman will be making a sequel to their iconic film. Two years later, in 2020, it was revealed that Aardman had teamed with Netflix to produce the film. Even though we had to wait an additional two years for details about the film, we weren’t disappointed. Aardman announced the title, Chicken Run: Dawn of the Nugget, and main characters for the sequel on January 20, 2022.

Chicken Run 2 Release Date

Chicken Run: Dawn of the Nugget, which Aardman has confirmed will debut on Netflix in 2023, does not yet have a release date.

Since Aardman is confident enough to announce the sequel’s arrival in 2020, we can safely assume that production did indeed begin in 2021 as previously announced.

As reported by, the sequel is also scheduled for a limited theatrical release in theatres in 2020 alongside its streaming on Netflix.

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Chicken Run 2 Cast

Some of the original cast members are returning for the sequel, but behind the scenes, there have been some significant shifts.

In Chicken Run 2, former voice actors Mel Gibson and Julia Sawalha have been replaced by Zachary Levi and Thandiwe Newton. Sawalha posted her own statement in 2020, but there has been no official explanation for the recasting.

In the sequel, Ginger and Rocky are now parents to a daughter named Molly (voiced by Bella Ramsey).

Jane Horrocks, Imelda Staunton, and Lynn Ferguson will reprise their roles as Babs, Bunty, and Mac, respectively, in the sequel. Fowler’s original voice actor, Benjamin Whitrow, passed away in 2017, so the new film will feature David Bradley.

Nick and Fetcher, the cunning rats, were previously played by Timothy Spall and Phil Daniels, but have since been recast with Romesh Ranganathan and Daniel Mays.

  • Thandiwe Newton as Ginger
  • Zachary Levi as Rocky
  • David Bradley as Fowler
  • Jane Horrocks as Babs
  • Imelda Staunton as Bunty
  • Lynn Ferguson as Mac
  • Romesh Ranganathan as Nick
  • Daniel Mays as Fetcher
  • Nick Mohammed as Dr Fry
  • Josie Sedgwick-Davies as Frizzle

Thandiwe Newton

Newton, Melanie Thandiwe Thandie Newton, or Thandie OBE (/taendiwe/ TAN-dee-way; born 6 November 1972), is a British actress. Newton has been nominated for two Golden Globes and has won one Primetime Emmy and one British Academy Film Award. During the 2019 New Year’s Honours, she was recognised for her contributions to both the film industry and charitable causes by being named an Officer of the Order of the British Empire (OBE).

Beloved (1998), Nyah Nordoff-Hall (2000), Tiffany (2003), Dame Vaako (2004), Christine (2004) (for which she won a BAFTA Award for Best Actress in a Supporting Role) (2005), Crash (2004), Linda (2006), Libby (2007), Stella (2008), Run Fatboy Run (2007), Condoleezza Rice (2008), Laura Wilson (2008), Tanner (2012), and 2012 (2009) are just a few of Newton’s most well-known roles

David Bradley

David John Bradley, an English actor, was born on April 17, 1942. He is well-known for his roles as Argus Filch in the Harry Potter movies, Walder Frey in Game of Thrones, Abraham Setrakian in The Strain, and the voice of Merlin in Guillermo del Toro’s animated Netflix series Tales of Arcadia.

Bradley is known for his supporting roles in films like Our Friends in the North (1996) and the Three Flavours Cornetto trilogy and After Life (both of which he also starred in). He has played William Hartnell, the original Doctor, in the documentary An Adventure in Space and Time and has appeared in several episodes of Doctor Who (2017-2022).

Chicken Run 2
Chicken Run 2

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Lynn Ferguson

Lynn Ferguson Tweddle is a Scottish author, actress, and narrative coach. She was born on April 11, 1965. She is most recognised for her role as Mac in Chicken Run, where she voiced an animated character, and is the younger sister of comedian Craig Ferguson.

As a child, Ferguson lived in Cumbernauld. She was the youngest of four children and a Senior Prefect at Cumbernauld High School, just like her older sister. At age 18, she dropped out of school to work as a Pontin’s Bluecoat for the summer. After being accepted, she attended the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama, where she earned a Bachelor of Arts in Dramatic Studies in 1986.

With a fellow student, she developed the Alexander Sisters, a comic double act that spoofs classic Scottish variety techniques exemplified by the Alexander Brothers, in order to earn money and get the Equity union card necessary to work as a professional actress.

Then she got distracted into stand-up comedy, performing for the first time for pay on STV’s Funny Farm. In no time at all, she was a regular at the Red Rose Comedy Club in London’s Finsbury Park and was soon booking shows all over the country.

Chicken Run 2 Plot

Accompanying the Netflix news was the first official plot synopsis, which revealed that the film would essentially be an inversion of the original.

After a perilous journey from Tweedy’s farm, Ginger has reached her goal: a safe haven for her flock on an isolated island, far from the dangers of civilization.

Ginger’s happily ever after appears to be concluded when she and Rocky have a daughter named Molly. However, back on the mainland, the entire chicken species is threatened by something brand new and terrifying. If it means risking their own recently won independence, Ginger and her team will break in this time.

Chicken Run 2 Trailer

A trailer for Chicken Run 2 has not yet been released.

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