Who Is Moose On The Masked Singer And A Closer Look at the Clues?

Fans were left guessing as to who was hiding behind the mask when the bulky, flannel-clad juggernaut known as Moose joined the family of Masked Singer contestants on 80s Night.

By the way, it’s a rather large mask. It’s not like we’re experts, but the width of those antlers looks to be at least six feet, which means that maintaining that disguise is no easy task. In their first performance, Moose was joined by fellow up-and-comers Doll and Scorpio.

Who Is Moose On The Masked Singer?

Moose turned out to be Cheers star, George Wendt. Moose first appeared on The Masked Singer during the ’80s Night episode of Season 9. The lumberjacked forest creature and Doll and Scorpio were first shown in a teaser trailer released on March 28, 2023.

Who Is The Moose On The Masked Singer
Who Is The Moose On The Masked Singer

On the episode aired on March 29, 2023, immediately before the reveal of Scorpio, Moose was revealed as the identity of the first contender. Following his rendition of Huey Lewis’s “Power of Love,” Moose closed his recording with the time-honored greeting “L’Chaim,” a traditional Hebrew toast. This action gave the impression that the artist was Jewish.

Moose On The Masked Singer- US Show Clues

Every era has its fair number of well-known TV dads, and based on the hint footage released before the episode’s debut, viewers have good reason to believe that Moose might be one. Although the couch in the clip resembles the one from Roseanne, this could be a red herring to divert attention away from the possibility of a different TV dad.

Acceptance speech for Celebrity Clue, given by Charlene Tilton. I haven’t needed those, remarked Moose. The bottom of a suit coat and a few are in the trunk of my car. Voice-over hint “Born in the Midwest, he is an ordinary man. And relocated to the town where I ran into my wife. We moved to the West after she gave me some love advice. I did what I did best and got my hooves through the door.

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Simply put, I’m a Moose on the Run. Joined some buddies you might recognize and became the show’s king. Yet, one more thing to consider while you believe you know me. This man is willing to perform on stage. Simply put, I’m a Moose on the Run!”

Moose On The Masked Singer- US Costume Clues

It is difficult to determine who Moose is without hearing their voice; nonetheless, the enormous costume hints that whoever is underneath must be someone powerful enough to control those enormous antlers and the endearingly huge face that they wear.

The Masked Singer tweeted: Are there any early ideas about who makes a singer? You can see below:

In addition, even though flannel was a trendy fabric throughout the 1990s, we find that the red and black buffalo check print is the one that best complements our aesthetic.

Moose On The Masked Singer- US Guesses

The panelists speculated on a wide range of possible candidates, some of which included Jon Lovitz, John Goodman, and Ed O’Neill. On the other hand, Jenny McCarthy Wahlberg was the one who successfully guessed George Wendt.

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