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Can Naruto Beat Goku
Can Naruto Beat Goku

Can Naruto Beat Goku: Who Would Win In A Fight Between Goku and Naruto?

Can Naruto Beat Goku: There are few bigger names in anime than Dragon Ball and Naruto. Both of these exciting series began as manga in Japan’s Shonen Jump magazine before having anime adaptations that furthered their already massive popularity. Both shows have a heavy emphasis on battle. The protagonists of both Dragon Ball and Naruto, Son Goku and Naruto Uzamaki, train to become stronger so that they can face greater challenges and better defend their homes. After countless battles and hours of training, Goku and Naruto naturally possess extraordinary levels of superhuman and supernatural ability.

The question “Who would win in a battle two?” is a natural and interesting one to ponder when two characters in the same genre attain similar levels of fame, as fans of both franchises find themselves comparing them. The answer to this question will always be conjectural, given neither character has ever met the other within their respective canons. Fans can get a solid indication of who would win by contrasting the two protagonists’ strengths and weaknesses.

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Goku’s Abilities

Since the beginning of the medium, Goku has been revered as one of the most formidable heroes in the history of Japanese animation. Goku has had over 30 years of nearly continuous publication and 5 different anime to use to his advantage in terms of strength. The extraordinary strength, speed, and responses of the Saiyan fighter are merely par for the course. He can effortlessly fly, shoot lasers powerful enough to kill planets from his hands, and teleport.

The many forms that Goku can take give him an advantage in battle. Unlike his Super Saiyan form, most of these transformations do not bestow any new abilities upon Goku but merely increase his present ones. Yet, Goku’s most recent and powerful transformation, Ultra Instinct, is an exception to this norm (via Comic Book Resources). Goku’s Ultra Instinct state not only increases his power, but also makes all of his actions robotic. Because he doesn’t have to put much effort into protecting himself, he can concentrate on dealing damage while avoiding harm.

Goku’s talents and transformations place him on par with the most potent beings in the Dragon Ball universe, including the gods that rule over humanity. Gods like Whis and Beerus, whose abilities dwarf Goku’s, are nonetheless humbled by the young warrior’s resolve and fortitude. They agree to train Goku because they believe he has the potential to surpass their own strength.

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Naruto’s Abilities

Naruto, like Goku, gains immense strength through a variety of methods and transformations. Naruto is able to use his chakra to enhance his ninja skills and cast numerous jutsu spells because of his training as a ninja. Naruto’s various powers and transformations substantially augment these attacks, which form the basis of his combat style.

Since the demon fox spirit is locked inside of Naruto’s body, he has access to much more chakra than he would have otherwise. When Naruto enters Sage Mode, he gains access to a plethora of new techniques in addition to the ones he already possesses, all of which are boosted by the various stages of his metamorphosis.

Taking everything into consideration, Naruto has the ability to imbue his Rasengan with elemental properties, create legions of clones, fly, alter his appearance, scale walls, heal himself, call forth giant talking frogs, spawn multiple arms composed entirely of chakra, and perform a plethora of other incredible feats of power.

Can Naruto Beat Goku
Can Naruto Beat Goku

These skills not only make Naruto a formidable opponent, but also provide him remarkable versatility. In order to maintain control of the situation and minimise collateral damage, he can outclass his adversary, as reported by ComicBook.com. His vast array of abilities has allowed him to defeat the greatest ninja in history and even to imprison the divine beings responsible for bringing chakra to Earth (via Screen Rant). Only a few other people in fiction come close to these iconic figures.

Goku Is The Winner

Unfortunately, these successes still fall short of elevating Naruto to Goku’s level. It’s possible that Naruto is a stronger strategist than Goku because of his adaptability and expertise, but Goku’s superior raw power makes his strategies ineffective. Since most battles in Dragon Ball take place on a galactic scale, the combatants in question may easily destroy the planet they’re fighting on. On the other hand, Naruto’s characters have never shown such strength.

If Goku wanted to, he could theoretically wipe out entire galaxies and solar systems. Naruto’s abilities are versatile and impressive, yet they pale in comparison to Goku’s might. Even if Naruto were to conjure an infinite number of his clones, Goku could easily destroy both him and the planet he was standing on with a single snap of his fingers. Only Goku’s incredible strength allowed him to win in the end.

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