California Highway Patrol Warns Drivers Of Sinkhole
California Highway Patrol Warns Drivers Of Sinkhole

California Highway Patrol Warns Drivers Of Sinkhole

According to law enforcement, a driver disregarded road closure warnings, causing a sinkhole in a collapsed road in California to swallow a vehicle for the second time in two weeks.

Following weeks of catastrophic storms that wrecked devastation across the state, the two-lane road close to Tracy, a city 90 km west of San Francisco, collapsed earlier this month. According to the local California Highway Patrol office, drivers continued to attempt to travel Kasson Road, which commuters use to get to nearby Stockton, Manteca, and Modesto, despite the damage and signage advising of the road’s closure.

The road is divided by concrete rails. According to Jesse Skinner of the law enforcement agency, it requires some maneuvering to get through it or around it.

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The office is aware of two automobiles, at least, whose drivers got them caught in the crumbled road. The police issued a ticket to the truck driver for using the restricted route after a truck over the weekend slid into it.

The disregard for the warnings by drivers appears to be making authorities increasingly irate. “It occurred once more. The California Highway Patrol office posted on Facebook, “We can’t make this stuff up. “This was completely avoidable. There isn’t a defense. The signage is unobstructed, clear, and readable.

California Highway Patrol Warns Drivers Of Sinkhole

A Volkswagen estate’s driver attempted to use the restricted road a few days prior and crashed into the hole. “We don’t know what to say. The office wrote, “If only there had been signs and/or obstacles that could have stopped this,” before pointing out that there were signs, after all.

A different car had disregarded the warnings and plowed past the closure just before the road split and sank. Although the agency has made alternative route information available, it has continued to answer inquiries concerning motorists who disregarded warnings. Recent storms severely damaged the region and forced the first-ever closure of Kasson Road, among other roadways.

According to Skinner, “We have never set up a closure in that region before.” “We don’t have an officer who can watch the closure all day.” The Guardian ┬áKeep an eye on us for more information like this,

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