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Buddy Daddies Season 1
Buddy Daddies Season 1

Buddy Daddies Season 1 Release Date In January 2023

Buddy Daddies Season 1: The premiere date for the Buddy Daddies anime has been set for January 2023, which will take place during the Winter 2023 anime season.

The Twitter account @BuddyD project shared three tweets on October 22, 2022, in which it discussed the newest anime-original production from PA WORKS. We are unable to provide an exact release date at this time; however, we do know when it will be available, and we have a trailer, voice actors, staff, and a website that has been completely developed!

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What Is Buddy Daddies?

P. A. WORKS is the studio that created the original anime series Buddy Daddies. Although there is no information regarding the number of episodes or whether or not there will only be one season, the storyline seems interesting and has been done before.

Both Kazuki Kurusu and Rei Suwa are assassins, and while they do work together and share a room, they couldn’t be more different from one another. Kazuki is 28 years old, has a passion for gambling and ladies, and is very careful with his possessions.

He is skilled in the kitchen and in housekeeping, and he criticises Rei’s way of living. Kazuki’s primary responsibilities include negotiating contracts, collecting information, and developing strategies for future work.

It is uncertain whether Rei always pays attention to what he has to say, despite the fact that he possesses strong communication abilities. Rei is 25, has never been in love, and doesn’t speak much.

His physical abilities are exceptional, particularly in the areas of martial arts and shooting; nonetheless, he does not care about the conditions in which he lives. At home, Rei enjoys playing video games, and he has been brought up to take care of his parents ever since he was a toddler.

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Within the criminal underworld, Rei’s family is a formidable force. Is it possible, then, that he will eventually become the head of his family? Four-year-old Miri Unasaka is the daughter of a Mafia boss and his mistress. Her father is known as “Unasaka.”

Her character summary on the Buddy Daddies website describes her as a fearless and trusting young girl. However, when she went to a hotel in order to look for her father, she found herself in the middle of a gunfight.

Have Kazuki and Rei been implicated in this, and how exactly did Miri become a part of this group? Are they attempting to safeguard her, or do they plan to play her off against her father?

The Staff Bringing Buddy Daddies To Life!

The animation is being created by P. A. WORKS, and the story is being crafted with the assistance of Nitroplus. So far, we only know who will be voicing our main trio, but more information is expected to be released in the coming months.

  • Toshiyuki Toyonaga is Kazuki Kurusu
  • Koki Uchiyama is Rei Suwa
  • Hina Kino is Miri Unasaka

Toshiyuki Toyonaga:

Japanese actor and musician Toshiyuki Toyonaga was born on April 28, 1984 (ja: , Toyonaga Toshiyuki). As a youngster, he started his acting career on both screen and stage. He started off doing voiceovers in 2002 and is now employed by Super Eccentric Theater Inc. He voiced Mikado Ryugamine in Durarara!!, Yuri Katsuki in Yuri on Ice, Shun Matsuoka in Kimi to Boku, Hideyoshi Nagachika in Tokyo Ghoul, Yuuki Tenpouin in Code:Breaker, Mahiro Fuwa in Blast of Tempest, Takeru Totsuka in Kamigami no Asobi, and Goshi Kaneshiro in B-Project

Buddy Daddies Season 1
Buddy Daddies Season 1

Toyanaga is also a musician and actor; on April 28, 2014, he published his debut album, titled Music of the Entertainment. After that, on December 16, 2014, he released his first single for a major label titled “Reason,” which served as the game’s theme song for Durarara!! Relay.

Koki Uchiyama

Japanese actor and voice actor Koki Uchiyama (, Uchiyama Kki, born August 16, 1990) is from Saitama Prefecture. belonging to the Himawari Theatre Group. The fifth annual Seiyu Awards named him Best Male Rookie. A Best Voice Actor award from the Tokyo Anime Award Festival was bestowed upon him that same year.

The director is Yoshiyuki Asai, and Vio Shimokura is in charge of the story while collaborating with Yuko Kakihara on the series’ overall composition. Characters are designed by Katsumi Enami, and Katsutoshi Kitagawa composed the score.

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