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Biden Seeks Federal Probe Of Trump Allies Over Laptop
Biden Seeks Federal Probe Of Trump Allies Over Laptop

Biden Seeks Federal Probe of Trump Allies Over Laptop

In a letter dated Wednesday, a lawyer representing President Joe Biden’s son, Hunter, requested that the Justice Department look into the access and dissemination of personal data from a laptop that a computer repair shop owner claims were left at his Delaware location in 2019.

Hunter Biden’s attorneys also requested in a separate letter that Fox News host Tucker Carlson retract and apologize for what they claim are repeated false and defamatory statements made about him on air, including the suggestion without proof that he had unauthorized access to classified documents discovered at his father’s House.

Federal prosecutors will not launch an investigation or take any other action in response to the request for a criminal investigation, as Hunter Biden is the subject of a Justice Department investigation into tax evasion. The younger Biden and his legal team have faced years of criticism from Republican officials and conservative media. It still represents a concerted shift in strategy and a rare public response. This scrutiny is anticipated to continue now that the GOP has taken control of the House.

Additionally, the most recent episode in the protracted laptop scandal started with a New York Post article published in October 2020 that described some of the emails it claimed to have discovered on the device regarding Hunter Biden’s international business transactions. Trump quickly seized on it as a campaign issue during that year’s presidential election.

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The letter, which renowned Washington lawyer Abbe Lowell signs, requests an investigation into a number of people, including former Trump strategist Steve Bannon, Trump’s longtime legal counsel Rudy Giuliani, Giuliani’s own attorney, and John Paul Mac Isaac, the proprietor of a Wilmington computer repair shop who claims that Hunter Biden left a laptop at his business in April 2019 but never came back to pick it up.

The letter quotes sections of Mac Isaac’s book where he acknowledged looking over private and delicate information on Biden’s laptop, including a file with the name “income.pdf.” It states that Mac Isaac forwarded a copy of the laptop data to Giuliani’s attorney, Robert Costello, who then gave it to Giuliani. Giuliani is a close friend of Trump and was spreading untrue rumours about the younger Biden at the time.

According to the letter, Giuliani gave the details to Bannon as well as the New York Post writer who broke the story about the laptop. According to Hunter Biden’s attorney, none of his personal information was ever accessed or disclosed in that way with his consent.

Politicians and the media have used this illegally accessed, copied, distributed, and manipulated data to distort the truth and harm Mr. Biden, the letter claims, adding that “this failed dirty political trick directly resulted in the exposure, exploitation, and manipulation of Mr. Biden’s private and personal information.”

When contacted by The Associated Press on Wednesday night, Mac Isaac chose not to comment. In response to a request for comment on his and Giuliani’s behalf, Costello referred to the letter as “a frivolous legal document” and claimed that it “reeks of desperation because they know judgement day is coming for the Bidens.”

Biden Seeks Federal Probe Of Trump Allies Over Laptop

When contacted for comment, a lawyer who defended Bannon at a trial in Washington, D.C., last year did not immediately respond. A spokesman for Fox News was unable to comment right away.

Matthew Olsen, the department’s top national security official, was the recipient of the letter from the Justice Department. It mentions potential contraventions of laws that forbid unauthorized access to computers and electronically stored communications, the transfer of stolen data across state lines, and the publication of private information intending to be intimidating or threatening. Additionally, it requests that prosecutors look into any possible data manipulation or tampering.

The actions mentioned above more than warrant a thorough investigation; depending on the findings, they might also warrant legal action under various statutes. In the letter, Lowell stated that while it is uncommon for a private person and his attorney to seek out someone else under investigation, the actions and motives, in this case, demand it.

A spokeswoman for the Justice Department declined to comment. The Internal Revenue Service and the Delaware State Attorney General’s office received separate letters requesting investigations. Emails requesting responses from spokespeople there were not immediately responded to.

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