Are Jess And Kory Still Together
Are Jess And Kory Still Together

Are Jess And Kory Still Together?

Are Jess And Kory Still Together: As he was joining the cast of Winter House, newcomer Kory Keefer admitted that he was “sort of” interested in “all the girls” there. On the 2022 program, viewers saw every graphic detail of Kory and Jessica’s passionate evening together. Audiences are curious as to whether or not Jess and Kory are still together.

The second season of Winter House premiered on Bravo on October 13. Many of the cast members are either married, in committed relationships, or available for casual encounters this season.

Are Jess And Kory Still Together?

Based on their respective Instagram sites, Kory and Jessica don’t seem to be an official couple in 2022. According to Next Door, Kory is “likely single” in 2018. Even if Kory and Jessica were caught cuddling on Winter House, that doesn’t imply they’re officially dating. New episodes of season 2 are still being released, so they may be trying to keep their relationship under wraps.

According to an ET article published on November 16, Kory “owns up to having strong feelings” for Jessica. In the same interview with ET, he also mentioned that after three weeks of living together, things might “move from zero to 100” in the house.

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Who Is Kory Keefer On ‘Winter House’?

Bravo claims that Craig Conover, formerly of Southern Charm and now of Winter House, is Kory’s connection to the Winter House universe. It turns out that both individuals were active members of the Kappa Sigma fraternity at the College of Charleston.

Craig wrote in his book Pillow Talk that he and Kory were inseparable during their time as undergraduates. He went as far as to claim that they “acquired a bit of a reputation as the same individual, only in various bodies.” An authentic friendship that’s what we’re talking about!

Craig and Kory’s relationship sputtered and died. The latter tried to audition for a role on Southern Charm, but he wasn’t considered a good fit by the show’s creators.

‘Winter House’s Kory Keefer Reacts to Jessica Stocker’s NSFW Review

It’s a given that there will be hookups on Winter House. Less welcome, however, are detailed summaries of those hookups, especially for the group and those cast members who participated in said hookups. At least, that’s how rookie Kory Keefer felt after hearing Jessica Stocker’s remarks about their sex exploits at a ski resort.

Kory tells ET via video chat that he wasn’t prepared for how “in-depth” Jessica’s conversation with housemate Rachel Clark was. In it, Jessica described her and Kory’s first time as “actually mind-blowing,” comparing Kory’s size to three of her fists and making Rachel blush while recalling her orgasms.

Are Jess And Kory Still Together
Are Jess And Kory Still Together

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Kory says, “That kind of threw me for a loop.” “When I saw it for the first time in the theatre, I remember thinking, “Oh wow, she um… she said everything.” Indeed, I was amazed; I had not anticipated such an outcome.”

Kory says he was impressed by Jessica’s appraisal of their rendezvous and that season 2 of the Summer House spinoff will feature “some humorous [moments] with more… closeness of Jess and I.” Kory admits to having deep feelings for the real estate agent, but he won’t disclose if he and Jess are still together now (they taped the episode eight months ago).

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