10 Safe Anime Sites to Watch Anime Online In 2022

1. Anime Twist

If you’re looking for a simple and secure anime website, Anime Twist is a good option. There aren’t a lot of extra features, but the homepage does contain a search bar and a comprehensive list of new anime. Find a wide selection of anime on the site by searching for their romaji titles. Anime Twist is liked by many anime fans since it is easy to use and has a large choice of anime to choose from. As an added bonus, you won’t have to deal with any distracting advertisements or page re-directs. With no trouble at all, Anime Twist can be used safely by anyone.

2. AnimeKisa

When it comes to reliable places to watch anime online, AnimeKisa has been at the top of the list for quite some time. Access a wide variety of anime series and movies quickly and for free on this website that specialises in streaming anime. AnimeKisa is a great way to find new shows to watch, whether you’re a purist who will only watch subbed versions or a dubbed fan who needs their fix. In addition, it has well crafted navigational tools that facilitate a quick and easy search for the anime that viewers require. There are some adverts and redirection on the video player, but they’re not too intrusive and can be easily avoided.

3. Animixplay

The popularity of this service, where you may watch anime for free, is skyrocketing. There’s a tonne of anime in there, plus search tools and cool extras. Animixplay’s ability to load anime smoothly at a respectable HD resolution and its support for many languages and audio tracks for anime are two of its most remarkable features. Animixplay even outperforms many paid services in many respects. There is no malicious content or advertising on this page. There are no commercials or other security concerns, making it ideal for watching anime.

4. 4Anime

Among the many sites where you may watch anime online for free, 4Anime is a top choice. It’s got everything you’d want in an anime website, including a huge library of shows across several genres, easy navigation, and flawless playback. As an added bonus, 4Anime makes it simple to download anime episodes. 4Anime is a haven for subtitled anime, but we will also be including some dubbed episodes. When viewing an anime on 4Anime, you’ll only be able to do it in full 1080p HD quality. The UI for 4Anime is minimal, consisting mostly of a few ad banners and the occasional redirect. It’s worth a try, at least.

5. 9Anime

9Anime, with the largest anime library and consistent updates, is another well-visited site in the niche. Whether it’s the latest hit or an obscure classic, you can find it here, along with every other type of anime that has ever been made. With its powerful search features, you may quickly locate the information you require. The quality dubbed anime content on 9Anime is just as impressive as the subtitled versions. In the meanwhile, you can get everything you want from our site by downloading it. 9Anime is not an ad-free service, but it does not use deceptive buttons, annoying pop-ups, or slow loading times. Anime fans can feel at ease here, as the site features a wealth of professionally-done episodes.

Where to Watch Anime for Free
Where to Watch Anime for Free

6. GoGoanime

GoGoanime is likewise a great option if you’re looking for a reliable anime website with a wide selection of anime features. GoGoanime’s library features not only subtitled and dubbed Japanese anime but also some excellent Chinese anime programmes. Additionally, it has a number of servers available for downloading and streaming anime, which significantly improves the process for both. GoGoanime is well regarded as a top platform to watch anime for free. However, it is important to note that GoGoanime’s URL has been modified several times. Meanwhile, a plethora of GoGoanime sites, all of which look and function the same, are accessible online. The.so domain, however, is currently the most visited. To access the site, click the link above.

7. AnimeVibe

AnimeVibe includes both subtitled and dubbed episodes of anime TV series and movies in its archive, and its user interface makes it simple to find what you’re looking for. It also regularly adds new releases to its database. It’s great because the anime website doesn’t have any annoying commercials, and it streams anime quickly and easily. Fast reactions to user input are guaranteed on AnimeVibe.

8. AnimeDao

When you first check out the site, you’ll immediately see how well-organized it is. If so, you will be pleasantly pleased by its extensive anime library and generally high standard of production.

The flexibility of Animedo’s stream settings means that you may watch anime online for free regardless of the quality of your internet connection. Once a completely ad-free zone, Animedo has recently begun incorporating less obtrusive advertisements into its pages. Although it has a more complicated UI than some of its competitors, Animedo is still the easiest to use.

9. Anime Planet

Anime Plant combines a legal anime streaming service with a community where users can talk about their favourite shows, share opinions on the latest episodes, and meet other fans. As an added bonus, Anime Plant is a fantastic place for readers of manga. You may stream anime on Anime Plant without worrying about legal trouble or security because the service receives assistance from Crunchyroll and HIDIVE through their partnerships and also includes officially selected content on platforms like YouTube. However, in some countries and territories, you won’t be able to access some of Anime Plant’s material.

10. Funimation

Funimation, a Sony-owned entertainment firm, has specialised for a long time in the exclusive distribution of dubbed anime. Anime fans have more options to watch their favourite shows because to its extensive archive. When it comes to anime, whether it’s an old favourite or something brand new, you can count on Funimation to have it. Funimation offers many anime series for free and a variety of paid subscription tiers that match to the site’s various extra features.

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