What is the Story Of the Day I Became a God?

2020 will see the premiere of The Day I Became a God, a Yoshiyuki Asai–helmed Japanese anime television series produced by P.A. Works and Aniplex. In 2020, it ran from October through December. Jun Maeda, who also penned the screenplay, came up with the idea for the plot, while Na-Ga created the initial designs for the characters.

The Day I Became a God stars Maeda and Na-Ga, two characters from the popular visual novel brand Key. It is the third original anime series produced by Key, following Angel Beats! (2010) and Charlotte (2015).


In her senior year of high school, Yta Narukami encounters a mysterious girl named Hina Sato who claims she is a god named Odin and helps him study for his forthcoming final examinations. Despite her many accurate forecasts, Yta still doesn’t believe her when he tells him the world will end in 30 days. The plot follows Hina as she adjusts to her new life and helps Yta with his community service. He learns more about her past and how she became a god the longer he is with her.


Hina Sato

A young woman who, concealed behind a veil, predicts the end of the world in 30 days. She has a god complex because her surname is so popular, and she has seen that Yta and his friends and relatives all have names that are associated with deities. It’s okay if you call her “Odin,” but she prefers that nobody else does. However, the Narukami family convinces Yta that she is a distant relative and takes her in. Despite her insistence that gods have no nutritional requirements, she enjoys eating and playing video games. She uses her omniscience to help Yta in his efforts to confess to Kyko.

Yōta Narukami

A high schooler who happens to play basketball with Hina one day. Even though he doubts Hina’s prediction that the world will end in 30 days, he nonetheless takes good care of her. Hina grants him access to her abilities to help him pursue his aim of pursuing his childhood friend Kyko.

Kyōko Izanami

A childhood companion of Yta. After losing her mother at an early age, she became quite reserved and quiet. She was always quiet and reserved, but as she matured, she blossomed into a stunningly intelligent and attractive woman who quickly gained widespread acclaim among the male population. Her composure allows her to easily ignore Yta’s attempts. She plays the piano beautifully and appears to take Hina at her word. It’s a baseball fanatic.

The Day I Became a God
The Day I Became a God

Ashura Kokuhō

serves as Youta Narukami’s closest confidant. Ashura is depicted as a hothead who is frustrated by Hina Sat’s haughtiness.

Sora Narukami

Yta’s younger sister. She is a member of the film club and holds his senpai, Hikari Jingji, in high regard. At first, she doesn’t like Hina since she considers her to be quite odd. She cares a lot, yet she won’t budge on anything. She plans to create her film.

Hiroto Suzuki

A young man with silvery hair and an air of mystery. He’s a hacking prodigy who’s even younger than Yta. He uses a specialised pair of gloves and a hairclip to link to and communicate with various gadgets and systems. Right now, he’s helping the CEO’s assistant with her preparations.

Hikari Jingūji

They are Sora’s senpai and fellow film club alums from her high school. Since she owes a lot of money, she has to work at the Ramen Heavenward restaurant, which is currently in decline.

Kako Tengan

Someone Yta looks up to tremendously, this prominent lawyer has won a lot of awards. She is completely enamoured with mahjong and regularly organises tournaments. After Hina helps Yta in a mahjong tournament, the two eventually meet and become good friends.



Next to Angel Beats! (2010) and Charlotte (2012), The Day I Became a God is Key’s Jun Maeda and Na-third Ga’s original anime series to be produced in conjunction with Aniplex and P.A. Works for the Japanese market (2015). Producer Mitsuhito Tsuji from P.A. Works indicated an interest in creating new original animation with Key and Maeda on April 19th, 2019.

The Planetarian: Snow Globe original video animation project, the Kud Wafter anime feature, Maeda’s Heaven Burns Red video game, an unidentified visual novel, and four secret projects were among the eight teased by Key on Twitter on November 26, 2019, on honour of the company’s 21st anniversary. For 2020, Angel Beats! and Charlotte’s Twitter account have been teasing a project unveiling for April 1st.

At a live stream on Niconico on May 10, 2020, Key, P.A. Works, and Aniplex officially announced The Day I Became a God anime project. From what I could tell during the Livestream, the anime is set to air in October of 2020, with Maeda receiving credit for the original work and script and Na-Ga for the original character design. P.A. Works also mentioned in a tweet that the project had been in the works for “a long” and that the voice acting had been pre-recorded.

The news that Ayane Sakura would be lending her voice to Hina and that Charlotte director Yoshiyuki Asai would be returning was announced in a special “prologue show” that aired on Tokyo MX on May 25, 2020. New staff and cast members, including character designer Manabu Nii and composers Manyo and Maeda, were announced in a second webcast on July 25, 2020. A second promotional film, hinted at in the stream, will drop in September of 2020.

The series broadcast on Tokyo MX, BS11, GTV, GYT, ABC, and Miele, among other networks, from October 11 to December 27, 2020. The show was shown on several other networks, including BBT, BSS, NCC, tvk, and AT-X. The 12 episodes aired from December 23, 2020, to May 26, 2021, and were collected over six Blu-ray and DVD packages in Japan. Nagi Yanagi, in cooperation with Maeda, performed the opening theme song “Kimi to Iu Shinwa” as well as the ending theme song “Goodbye Seven Seas”.

This anime was licenced by Funimation and was made available for online streaming in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, and Latin America via their website, as well as in Australia and New Zealand via AnimeLab, and throughout Europe via Wakanim. On October 30, 2020, Funimation announced that the series will receive an English dub, which premiered the following day. The show is now airing on Crunchyroll after Sony bought the streaming service. Muse Communication licenced the show for South and Southeast Asia, where it was shown on Animax and available for streaming on iQIYI.

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