Who Created Sailor And the 7 Ballz?

There is no other way to describe the 2000 animated film Sailor And The Seven Ballz than as the greatest collection of fetiches ever filmed. Due to its explicit content, this film is banned in Saudi Arabia, Suiza, Poland, and Venezuela.

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The plot centers on Sailor Moon, who invites numerous major characters from anime and manga to her wedding. The party heats up at some point, and all the different characters start having as much fun as pigs in mud, while Sailor Moon’s boyfriend starts masturbating to Minnie Mouse pictures he found on Platoon.

Meanwhile, a Dragon ball starts floating and landing on the girls’ vagina, causing them to develop abnormally large genitalia. At the end of the film, there is a massive explosion, the naive viewer throws up in the bathroom from the quality animation and professional voice acting, and the FBI breaks into his house to arrest him for possession of pedopornography.

Sailor and the 7 Ballz
Sailor and the 7 Ballz


Yes, there is a sequel to this. Nothing unusual occurs; only Goku is assaulted by a group of aliens and clones of characters from various animals and manga; Sailor Moon disappears after only a few minutes. With commentary from Dragon Ball Z’s voice actor, “Sailor and the Ballz 2: Return of the Ballz” features less cartoony animation than its predecessor but is just as bad.


Some of the actors in the film put out proposals to get the film banned internationally out of fear that it would damage their reputations. The proposal failed because Japan vetoed it; the film’s producers had bribed Japan’s prime minister with the equivalent of $17,000 in order to prevent the ban from taking effect.

The Aznar government instituted a severe levy of 500,000 bolivares for every movie copy sold in the year 2000. Only a month later was the tax repealed since the state was collecting nothing from movie sales.

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