Top 9 Most Famous Saiki Characters of All Time!

If you’re familiar with the “Saiki Kusuo no Psi Nan” anime, you know that Saiki is the series’ protagonist. As a psychic who can erase memories, he uses this skill to avoid trouble rather than cause it.

Since he was a young boy, Touma has been incredibly exact and incessantly chattering about the wonders of his mind. In elementary school, he was a classmate of Kusuo’s and one of his first close pals. Among the most well-known of all Saiki K’s characters. Even more so for Kusuo, who can read people’s minds, Akechi seemed to annoy his classmates as he progressed through high school.

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1 – Kusuo Saiki

Kusuo Saiki, an essential character in Saiki Kusuo no Nan, possesses a wide range of psychic talents. He usually attempts to avoid getting into sticky situations. He spends most of the first few episodes of the series on his own, but as the plot progresses, he starts to make friends with his fellow students, especially Riki Nendou and Shun Kaidou.

2 – Kokomi Teruhashi

The main protagonist Kokomi Teruhashi is one of the mainstays of the Saiki K series. A student in Saiki Kusuo’s class, she is universally admired for her stunning beauty and frequently draws admiring glances from all sexes. In the movie adaptation, Hashimoto Kanna portrayed her.

3 – Aiura Mikoto

The oracle, soothsayer, and frequent foe of Kusuo’s Reita is Mikoto Aiura. With Reita and Touma, Kusuo’s only non-family persons aware of his abilities are Mikoto. She has a naive sense of justice and prefers to put her skills to use for the greater good.

Saiki K Characters
Saiki K Characters

4 – Reita Toritsuka

The Spirit Medium Reita Toritsuka is the second psychic to be presented in the anime. When it comes to attracting female attention, Reita is a total deviant. He has an unrealistically sexualized view of women and actively seeks them out. Among the most well-known of all Saiki K’s characters.

5 – Chiyo Yumehara

To be sure, Chiyo Yumehara is one of the more romantic and dreamy female characters, but she has also experienced her fair share of heartbreak. Chiyo is an idealistic young woman who will do anything to win Kusuo’s affection before moving on to Takeru.

6 – Aren Kuboyasu

In the live-action adaptation, Kaku Kento played one of the series’ main characters, Aren Kuboyasu. Kusuo, Shun, and Touma are the only people who know that he was a delinquent in his previous school.

7 – Shun Kaidō

In middle school, Shun Kaidou struggled with shyness and isolation. Shun is labeled as a chuunibyou by his peers. He also thinks that the evil group known as The Dark Reunion is responsible for keeping the planet and its events running smoothly. One of the show’s primary protagonists.

8 – Kineshi Hairo

Kasahara Hideyuki plays the lead role of Kineshi in the anime and manga adaptations of the series. Class 2-leader and Kusuo’s fellow student. Among the most well-known of all Saiki K’s characters. Amazing as Kineshi’s strength and stamina are, they pale in comparison to Riki’s.

9 – Riki Nendō

It’s safe to rely on Riki Nendou, the dimwitted and dependable young man. He has a strong desire to aid others, especially the vulnerable. Arai Hirofumi plays him in the live-action adaptation of the Saiki K series, making him a popular figure among fans.

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