Kokyu No Karasu Release Date, Storyline Update in 2022!

The Storyline of Kokyu No Karasu Anime

Koko Shirakawa’s music has also contributed to the satisfaction of anime fans, as has Ayuko’s illustrated book. The story begins with a concubine who is housed in the palace of the queen. Despite being a concubine, the queen has never invited her inside her bedroom.

She’s a strange woman; some people claim she has the appearance of a young girl, while others insist she’s far into her senior years. Even now, she uses her creative wizardry to aid others by doing things like breaking jinxes and locating misplaced stuff. The governor will one day grant her a warrant, and what they talk about will alter the course of human history.

What is the Release Date of Kokyu No Karasu Anime?

No official release date has been approved as of the time of writing. This makes it extremely challenging to give followers an accurate date for the event. Kokyu No Karasu Anime’s release date was announced, though.

 Kokyu No Karasu Anime
Kokyu No Karasu Anime

So, followers may look forward to the sequel in the fall of 2022. Therefore, the couple’s hold won’t last much longer. In the meanwhile, the streaming aid has not been publicly announced. As a result, stay tuned to our site for further updates on this matter.

What Do the Cast Members of Kokyu No Karasu Anime Reveal?

The cast and staff units of the upcoming Kokyu No Karasu Anime have been announced by the production company. The sequel’s preliminary visual art has also been unveiled. The advertisement features the show’s main character, Jujitsu Ryu, as its caption.

In the same way, the advertisement’s visual tone could influence the sequel’s animation. Therefore, Masaki Mizunaka plays Ka Koshun in the first episode. As Ryu Jujitsu, Saku Mizuno is up next, followed by Taku Yashiro as Eisei. But in the next installment of the anime series, Marika Kono will voice Jiujiu.

However, Chizuru Miyawaki is leading the charge for the sequel’s release. Satomi Oshima is taking care of the sequel’s screenplay, while Shinji Takeuchi is in charge of the series’ overall visual style. The upcoming anime will have music by Asami Tachibana. However, it is being made by Studio BN Pictures. The talented staff working on the anime sequel guarantees it will be a must-see in 2019.

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