Dragon Ball Super Rumor: The Evidence Points to a Web Anime!

Thanks to the latest film, Dragon Ball Super is better than ever. Due in no small part to the success of the film starring Gohan and Piccolo, anime is once again receiving a great deal of attention.

Obviously, the comeback has sparked renewed calls for a TV revival. And if the latest rumour is true, it sounds like Dragon Ball Super has a treat up its sleeve.

When fans heard that a new show might be on the way, the rumour quickly blew up on social media. In Japan, a seemingly benign product website for a television calendar for the year 2023 garnered attention from fans once they saw who had contributed to the calendar.

Dragon Ball Super Rumor
Dragon Ball Super Rumor

The list included familiar names like Shueisha and Fuji TV, but the 2023 Dragon Ball Super production Committee caught everyone by surprise.

According to recent rumours, Dragon Ball Super may return in 2023, but it won’t be the same. According to various Dragon Ball sources, including Chronicles, the 2023 project will be a web anime with episodes clocking in at under 23 minutes in length.

Reportedly not a continuation of Dragon Ball Super but rather its own thing with a brand new creative team. However, if everything goes according to plan, a full-fledged television anime will be produced at some point in the future.

Toei Animation, along with the previous production committees for Dragon Ball Super, has yet to comment on these rumours. The most recent film adaptation of the anime is still the centre of attention. However, as 2018 closes down, fans may finally hear some return information for Dragon Ball Super, even if it’s not in the form they were hoping for.

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