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Anime Characters That Are Aquarius
Anime Characters That Are Aquarius

10 Best Aquarius Anime Characters of All Time

More than two thousand years of human history have been devoted to astrology and horoscopes. It’s not uncommon for people to consult their zodiac sign for insight about themselves or another. Even fictional personalities can be decoded by the zodiac.

Aquarius is the zodiac sign for anyone born between January 20 and February 18. Due to their strong sense of individuality and creativity, Aquarians are sometimes misunderstood as cold and distant. These characteristics are common in anime protagonists in general, but the best anime characters are like walking horoscopes.

1. Ymir Is Born On February 17 (Attack On Titan)

The characters and plot of Attack on Titan are very deep and nuanced. Complex Ymir was initially cynical and exploitative, but she grew as the show went on.

Ymir embodies the characteristic Aquarian zeal for advancing humanitarian ideals. Any true Aquarius would see and respect her desire to protect her people. Her moodiness is another characteristic of the Aquarian personality.

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2. Juno Is Born On February 12 (Beastars)

Juno is just one of a handful of fascinating characters in Beastars. The complexity of her character is reflected in the fact that her ambition has a manipulative element despite the fact that she is quite social.

She was born under the Aquarius star sign, and her compassion for all living creatures is a reflection of the humanitarian ideals associated with that star sign (excluding a fair few). This astrological sign is a good fit for her because of her generous nature and the fact that she may be sneaky at times.

3. Ban Is Born On February 14 (The Seven Deadly Sins)

Ban of The Seven Deadly Sins is a good-natured guy who shares certain characteristics with his zodiac sign, while being affiliated with the vice of Greed.

It comes as no surprise that Ban is an Aquarius, given that this sign is commonly associated with adventurous business and socialising. The zodiac sign is also associated with fighters for justice who are also exceptionally bright, and Ban is a prime example of this trait.

4. Naomi Misora Is Born On February 11 (Death Note)

Contrary to her intelligence, Naomi has a minor role in Death Note. For Light, she becomes another obstacle on the path to protecting his identity as Kira. After Raye Penber, an ex-FBI agent, is murdered by Kira, Naomi, his fiancee, begins her own inquiry.

Her intelligence and perceptiveness are hallmarks of the Aquarius sign, and she represents many of the other admirable qualities associated with that sign. When talking to Light, she keeps her guard up quickly and anticipates his next move. Not everything works out the way she had hoped, but she certainly exemplifies the Aquarius sign.

5. Maki Zenin Is Born On Janurary 20 (Jujutsu Kaisen)

Despite being mistreated by the Zenin family due to the fact that she is a woman and was born with limited supplies of cursed energy, Maki is a determined young woman who exemplifies the sign of the zodiac to which she is born.

She is a determined Aquarius who is trying everything in her power to establish her reputation and grow into a formidable sorceress. Even though she’s merely a fictional character in the Jujutsu Kaisen anime, her admirers who share the Aquarius zodiac sign would recognise these qualities in her.

6. Mikasa Ackerman Is Born On February 10 (Attack On Titan)

People born under the Aquarius zodiac are independent thinkers who are also very intelligent, technologically advanced, and remarkable. As a fan favourite character from Attack on Titan, Mikasa embodies all of these qualities and more.

It’s no surprise that she fits the Aquarius astrological profile, as she looks to be a model of perfection in practically every way. One possible explanation for her widespread adoration is the combination of a gifted personality and a fierce disposition (and perhaps hated, in some cases).

7. Christophe Giacometti Is Born On February 14 (Yuri!!! On Ice)

It’s no surprise that Christophe is an Aquarius because air signs are known for appreciating originality and creativity. Given the many suggestive and ostentatious elements in Christophe’s skate routine, his inventiveness may be viewed as odd or even bizarre.

Anime Characters That Are Aquarius
Anime Characters That Are Aquarius

These oddities, however, correspond to characteristics shared by those born under the Aquarius star sign. Throughout Yuri!!! on ice, Christophe displays a confidence in his uniqueness through his habits and interactions with the other characters. Perhaps his fans’ appreciation for his zany persona stems from the fact that he was created on ice.

8. Rin Matsuoka Is Born On February 2 (Free!)

Free! Fans of the sports anime Itwatobi Swim Club, which centres on competitive swimming, like Rin Matsuoka and the show’s variety of colourful characters. Even though Rin is a competitive person, he tends to be distant, which is typical of those born under his astrological sign.

People born under the sign of Aquarius are often characterised as reserved and analytical. He’s not just a fantastic addition to the programme but also a terrific example of the Aquarius archetype in anime.

9. Haruhi Fujioka Is Born On February 4 (Ouran High School Host Club)

As the protagonist of Ouran High School Host Club, Haruhi is a natural fit for the Aquarius archetype. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that she’s capable of taking care of herself, as she spends the entirety of the show demonstrating this, from essentially raising herself following her mother’s death to saving females at the beach from aggressors of varying sizes.

At first she can only rely on herself, but as the show progresses she learns to rely on others as well. In addition to being one of the best Aquarians in anime, her character growth is astounding, and she embodies many of the attributes of the sign.

10. Tsuyu Asui Is Born On February 12 (My Hero Academia)

My Hero Academia shows that Tsuyu Asui, an Aquarius, is a keen thinker. She quickly won over audiences with her cleverness and her willingness to consider all of her options before diving headfirst into any situation, both of which are characteristics of those born under the sign of Gemini.

As part of a team led by Midoriya, she quickly devised a strategy to counter the USJ’s assault on Class 1-A. She isn’t distant in any way, yet she does have the Aquarian quality of independence. It’s reasonable to say she’s up there with the finest because she exemplifies the best qualities of Aquarian personalities and is a fan favourite.

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