A Wounded Fawn Movie Review & Film Summary (2022)

A Wounded Fawn Review: Fans of the horror genre may rest assured that Shudder has released, and will continue to produce, high-quality horror content consistently. Some of the best horror movies of recent years have been made available on the streaming site specializing in the genre.

These include Summer of ’84, Psycho Goreman, and The Dark and the Wicked. Jakob’s Wife was one of 2021’s most critically acclaimed horror movies, and its director, Travis Stevens, has just created a new psychological horror movie called A Wounded Fawn.

A Wounded Fawn’s first act was brilliantly executed and suspenseful. Overall, the premise felt a little too similar to Fresh, an abduction film available only on Hulu with a relatively good Rotten Tomatoes rating. Still, it diverges enough to keep viewers interested, and Sarah Lind does a beautiful job of making us care about her character. She creates a main character we can identify with and hence cheer for.

Meredith is a breath of new air in the “final girl” position because she is not dumbfounded, panicked, or careless, unlike many other horror movie protagonists. Sarah Lind provides a great counterpoint to Josh Ruben’s sociopathic portrayal of Bruce as the fiercely determined Meredith.

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The first act is where the tale starts to take off, and it’s also where most of the story’s best moments occur. The film makes us worry about what Meredith may say or do, which will drive Bruce over the edge into snapping into a psychotic condition. However, the viewer knows that Bruce is a murderer, and Meredith does not.

The movie’s scariness was amplified by many notches thanks to its focus on isolation. Meredith is hours away from anyone who might be able to help her, and she is alone with a dangerous person whom she doesn’t know nearly as well as she thinks she does.

A Wounded Fawn Review
A Wounded Fawn Review

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Josh Ruben – A New Face In Horror

If you haven’t already, you should start following Josh Ruben. Ruben has emerged dramatically in the past few years. Beginning with Scare Me, an original horror anthology in which he co-wrote, directed, and starred opposite Aya Cash (The Boys), he went on to helm Werewolves Within, one of 2021’s most enjoyable horror comedies and a loose adaptation of the video game of the same name.

The rapid descent into madness that characterizes Ruben’s performance in A Wounded Fawn is reminiscent of his portrayal of the same phenomenon in Scare Me; this capacity to rapidly transition between sanity and insanity is a hallmark of nearly all notorious serial killers.

We get an early glimpse of the horrors through Ruben’s portrayal of Bruce; if Meredith makes a mistake, we know precisely what she’s in for. Ruben loses his mind by the film’s end, and even the most seasoned Hollywood pros would struggle to make it happen on screen. We think you’ll enjoy Ruben’s previous works, and we expect him to become a significant force in the horror genre in the future.

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