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5'7 Anime Characters
5'7 Anime Characters

10 Anime Characters Who Are 5’7 Tall

The height of a character is rarely mentioned in manga and anime unless they are abnormally little or gigantic. It’s common to picture a bumbling buffoon when we consider a small character, someone who can make us laugh in spite of our own prejudices towards people who are physically different from ourselves. Although this is usually the case, there are exceptions.

There are many characters who, despite their diminutive stature, make a big impression thanks to their unique traits and abilities. Some characters’ heights may be disregarded because of their other, more distinguishing features. The following list only includes 10 characters who are under 5 feet tall.

1. Schierke From Berserk – 5’7

Schierke, a young witch, helps Guts and his allies in their quest to foil Griffith. She has spent her life studying witchcraft, so she is not only powerful but also masterful at wielding her abilities. Guts’ life and sanity are saved by Schierke, the only person who can reliably pull him out of his berserker trance while wearing the Berserker Armor.

The Flower Storm Monarch has selected her to help mend Casca’s shattered mind. Schierke is very reserved for someone of her age, yet she is nonetheless warm and friendly to all she meets.

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2. Konata Izumi From Lucky Star –5’7

Konata, captain of the Lucky Star, is both the crew’s leader and its shortest member. The plot of the show revolves around Konata and her three best friends as they go about their regular lives both at school and in their free time. Konata is wacky and fun to be around, but she also has a playful side and likes to tease her pals. She is an avid fan of manga, anime, and video games, and is known as an otaku.

Though intelligent, Konata often procrastinates in class, which negatively impacts her grades and necessitates a lot of cramming for tests. She has the time to participate in extracurricular activities at school, but she chooses not to because doing so would prevent her from watching her favourite shows.

3. Hanzō Urushihara From The Devil Is A Part-Timer – 5’7

Lucifer, one of Sadao Maou’s Four Demon Generals, assumes the identity of Urushihara. Formerly a highly regarded archangel, Lucifer eventually became tired of his position in heaven and made his way to the realm of the demons. Whenever he’s on Earth, Lucifer spends his time playing video games instead of working and conning people into doing the menial chores he doesn’t want to do himself.

Lucifer may seem unconcerned, yet he has proven to be loyal to those he considers friends. Like Maou and Ashiya, Lucifer’s full strength is substantially more than what he possesses on Earth.

4. Shiro From No Game No Life – 5’7

Female lead Shiro is Sora’s younger stepsister. Besides being able to play chess flawlessly and speaking 18 other languages, Shiro is also a genius. Game-playing and wits-based intelligence come naturally to Shiro, but he struggles to understand and respond to other people’s feelings and actions. She hardly ever opens her mouth and rarely shows any signs of feeling. Since their parents abandoned them, she has become extremely dependent on Sora to the point where she cannot function without him.

Shiro and Sora embark on the ultimate gaming quest when they are called to another realm known as Disboard, which is to unify the sixteen races of Disboard and fight Tet, the One True God.

5. Haruyuki “Haru” Arita From Accel World – 5’7

Haru is a middle school kid who has been tormented extensively because of his size and height. Though Haru isn’t particularly athletic in real life, his Avatar, Silver Crow, has a sleek appearance because of his incredible speed and talent in the accelerated gaming environment.

The bullying continued at first because Haru was too frightened to intervene. But after earning self-assurance through acceleration, Haru becomes more outgoing and assertive in his everyday life. His present level is 7, but he and Kuroyukihime have set a goal of level 10 so that they can meet the Accel World’s creator after defeating the Six Kings of Pure Color.

6. Tatsumaki From One-Punch Man – 4’8”

Class S and Hero Association Rank 2 Tatsumaki, aka the Tornado of Terror. Her level of psychokinetic strength makes her the strongest esper in the show. She is actually 28 years old, despite the fact that people frequently mistake her for much younger. Tatsumaki has a serious inferiority problem, as seen by her inability to admit when someone is stronger than her and her general reluctance to face foes who are more powerful than her.

5'7 Anime Characters
5’7 Anime Characters

As she has produced earthquakes simply by getting angry, her behavior poses a threat to the normal people in her vicinity. She may have a short fuse and a hard time empathizing with others, but she takes her role as a hero very seriously and will combat any danger that arises.

7. Krillin From Dragon Ball Z – 5’0”

Krillin was a selfish and spoiled child, yet he eventually became Goku’s best friend and an integral part of the Dragon Ball Z cast. Krillin is the most powerful human being on Earth and a talented martial artist, but he is not as powerful as the other Saiyan Z Fighters. As a loyal and compassionate person, he would give his life to protect his companions and the world.

When the situation calls for it, he can be taken seriously, but most of the time he serves as comic relief. In later episodes, he settles down with Android 18; the couple had a daughter they name Marron. His signature technique is the Destructo Disc, a disc he creates with his Ki that is extremely sharp. This disc of energy can vaporise anything it encounters.

8. Hiei From Yu Yu Hakusho – 4’10” (Excluding His Hair)

Hiei is a demon with a third eye (a Jagan Eye) that he usually hides under a headband, earning him the nickname “Master of the Evil Eye.” The ice demon race, of which Hiei is a member, only produces females. Hiei was raised by a gang of robbers when his mother was forced to abandon him.

Hiei is an excellent swordsman who moves at lightning speed. He fights with a sword and an all-black outfit, and he can transform into a powerful demon form called his “Jaganshi Form.”

9. Tanya Von Degurechaff From The Saga Of Tanya The Evil – Roughly 4’9”

The Mondragón Rifles that Tanya and the other Empire wizards employ are 43.5 inches in length. Plus, they’re equipped with a knife bayonet that adds another 16 inches, bringing their total height to around 5 feet. Tanya is just around 5 feet tall, making her shorter than these weapons.

Tanya was a salaryman who was killed in 2013 in a prior life. He had a dispute with God and was consequently reborn in a parallel Europe experiencing World War I. Tanya joins the Empire’s Mages forces and plays a crucial role in leading her side to victory in numerous battles, all the while holding on to the memories of her prior existence. As a result of her unrelenting cruelty in warfare, she is known as “The Devil of Rhine.”

10. Taiga Aisaka From Toradora! – 4’8½”

Taiga is Toradora’s primary female lead. Despite her frankness and a short fuse, Taiga is highly popular among the male students at her school. Despite her trust issues, which stem from her troubled upbringing, she is a loyal and devoted friend who would sacrifice anything for her loved ones.

Initially, Taiga and Ryuuji work together in order to woo their respective crushes; in Taiga’s case, it’s Yuusaku Kitamura. Taiga initially views her feelings for Ryuuji as platonic, but as the series goes she begins to realize that her feelings are developing into something more.

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