Zhiyun Smooth 5S: Best Superior Anti-shake Footage Quality Gimbal

Zhiyun Smooth 5S: The new ZHIYUN SMOOTH 5S, with its improved image stabilization and compatibility with larger smartphones, comes with a new, high-performance fill-light integrated into the design and two modular magnetic lights.

ZHIYUN’s latest flagship product, the SMOOTH 5S, is a professional smartphone gimbal that operates on three independent axes. The business claims this compact device gives filmmakers everything they need to actualize their vision on the go.

The increasing popularity of smartphone filmmaking means that a gimbal tailored to the needs of a single-camera operator is sure to garner some interest. While the SMOOTH 5S keeps the best parts of its predecessors, ZHIYUN highlights that “it boasts a new, high-performance fill-light built-in, plus two modular magnetic lights, delivering an integrated yet simplified filming experience for everyone.”

Product Manager of ZHIYUN Xin Wang remarked, “With our creative tools, filmmakers may actualize their visions and push their imaginations to new heights.” The SMOOTH 5S, with its cutting-edge capabilities and additional fill light, transforms your smartphone into the ideal day-to-night filmmaking equipment for a single filmmaker. It’s suitable for artists and those who want to express their imagination.

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Superior Anti-shake Footage

Filming at low and super-wide angles is made possible by the ZHIYUN SMOOTH 5S’s professional structure with three orthogonal pivot axes that give you more options with broader vision and the more expansive space between each axis, letting you fully express your imagination. The new fill light, which can be found in the tilt arm of the stabilizer, has a peak illuminance of 650 lux, a 5,000k color temperature, a 90+ CRI, and a rated power of 2W.

The ZHIYUN SMOOTH 5S is the smartphone gimbal for the one-man-band filmmaker.

Together, the new fill light and its existing 300-lumen lamps can illuminate an area up to 15 square meters in size from any angle. ZHIYUN claims that the filmmakers’ freedom to experiment with shadows, contrast, and brightness throughout a wide fill area makes cinematic expression possible in every scene. We offer various filters, and you can even change the color temperature.

The SMOOTH 5S has excellent anti-shake capabilities that protect the integrity of the original film. The broader phone clamp allows for external lenses, and the updated algorithms in the magnetic steel motors ensure that even most cell phones are securely held in place.

Zhiyun Smooth 5S
Zhiyun Smooth 5S

Positioning the motors at the back of the SMOOTH 5S and its professional cut-out design allows for broader capture and extreme-angle shooting, giving the filmmaker more room to experiment. ZHIYUN’s renowned, user-friendly control panel and wheel make fine-tuning the gimbal’s settings a breeze for filmmakers. With the round-cap joystick and labeled shooting modes, you can quickly and easily switch between modes and take a shot with one hand.

The SMOOTH 5S can be charged to total capacity in just 2 hours using PD fast charging, allowing users up to 24 hours of continuous recording time.

The ZY Cami APP has many different kinds of premade layouts, filters, sounds, transitions, and stickers, such as:

  • PF, L, F, and POV are available shooting modes.
  • The dolly zoom effect may be adjusted from beginner-friendly to professional-grade with the help of a control wheel and a zoom/focus switch.
  • You can keep the focus on your subject with SMART FOLLOW. Possibility of gestural camera control from a distance.
  • The MagicClone Pano, Slow Motion, and Timelapse functions.

According to ZHIYUN, the StaCam professional app designed specifically for video recording has a straightforward yet feature-rich UI and is easy to use. ZHIYUN claims that using the software will make your regular vlogs more exciting and give them a movie feel.

SMOOTH 5S measures 311 x 168 x 52 mm and weighs 660 grams. The new smartphone gimbal retails for $169 (or 169 US dollars). For only $219, you can get the ZHIYUN SMOOTH 5S Combo, which features a membership card, wrist strap, protective bag, and magnetic fill lights.

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