What Is Www.youthjosh.In? How To Register The Yuva Josh App?

Visit www.yuvajosh.in to download the Yuvajosh app: Among other places of work, Yuva Josh is an online platform that offers information on new job openings and exams in government agencies, the public sector, the police, the teaching profession, and banks. Government job seekers can also find online test collections that offer a preview of the live exams offered on the website, which are accessible to anybody who visits it.

Www. yuvajosh.in Is the Website? Where You May Register the Yuva Josh App?

Only after downloading and installing the software on their mobile devices can candidates register for the Yuva josh. It was initially released on September 18th, 2018, and an Android 1.0 version is presently available. Users of Android devices must download version 4.0.3 or higher to use the Yuva Josh app.

Users must click the Registration link to finish the registration procedure after downloading the app. On that page, there is a link that leads to the download page. You must complete the required fields during the registration process after downloading and installing the app. Once you’ve finished, you’ll be able to effectively navigate the Yuva Josh application and find out more on various online applications.

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Online Exam at Www.yuvajosh.com in 2021

One app that distributes information about government job vacancies and exams is Yuva Josh, which is gaining popularity. This platform makes it simple for job seekers and applicants to find important information, such as exam dates, locations, modes of testing, and other important details. Recently, the app has disclosed information regarding upcoming online exams for 2021 as well as other crucial details.


The country’s highest law is regarded as being contained in this document. The Constituent Assembly of India passed the Indian Constitution on November 26, 1949, and it became operative on January 26, 1950. The Government of India Act of 1935 was repealed with the adoption of the constitution, and the Dominion of India was replaced by the Republic of India. By overturning previous acts of the British parliament, Article 395 of the Constitution was drafted to guarantee constitutional autochthony. India celebrates Republic Day on January 26 to mark the beginning of the nation’s constitution.


  • A souvenir, a certificate of distinction, and a cash prize of Rs. 1500 will be awarded to the first-place finisher.
  • A certificate of excellence, a souvenir, and Rs. 1000 cash will be awarded to the second-place finisher.
  • The third-place winner will receive a 500 cash award, a keepsake, and an excellence certificate.
  • The top five candidates in each of the five categories below will receive a Certificate of Merit.
  • A tangible copy of each participant’s participation certificate will be provided on site.
www yuvajosh in
www yuvajosh in

The Quiz Will Be In The Following Format!

The test will be given online, and the question paper will include multiple-choice, one-word, and short-response questions as well as other question types.

The participant may administer this test from their home, dorm, or any other location of their choice using a laptop or mobile device.


The quiz will cover many topics, including the Constitution of India’s many facets, history, and key articles.

Rule of Law & Regulation

  • The quiz will consist of 50 questions.
  • The time allotted will be 45 minutes.
  • Every question carries one point, and there will be no negative grading for any of them
  • The results will be announced on the 15th of June.

Final Words:

The quiz will cover all of the different facets of the Indian Constitution, as well as its background and key provisions.

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