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What is Ken Kaneki's Ghoul Name
What is Ken Kaneki's Ghoul Name

What is Ken Kaneki’s Ghoul Name: Are One-eyed Ghouls Stronger?

Haise Sasaki (a ghoul now posing as a human) is the First Rank Ghoul Investigator, more commonly known as Eyepatch.

The ordeal of being held captive by Aogiri Tree helped him come to terms with his Ghoul nature. Escaping it, Ken organised a team with the purpose in mind of defending the ones that are valuable to him and especially “picking out” people, who, endanger the place he belongs to. Eventually, Ken obtained a Kakuja through cannibalization with a distinguishing appearance, which inspired CCG to nickname him Centipede.

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He serves today as a First Rank Investigator as the mentor of the CCG’s Quinx Squad and a team member of Team Mado. However, Haise cannot re-call anything before his 20th year, indicating that his memories of his past have been lost, leaving him unsure of his true self.


Hide inquires of Kaneki regarding his date’s identity. He boldly proclaims his assumption that Ken has a crush on the waitress, only to have Ken flatly refute him. Ken reveals to Hide that the girl he was gushing over is a regular at the café. Although Ken didn’t try to hide the fact that the waitress struck his fancy, he also didn’t try to hide his attraction to her.

Despite Ken’s correction, Hide still called the waitress to place a new order with great enthusiasm, and he asked the waitress’ name, Tka Kirishima. Tka was so shaken up by his friend’s brazen behaviour that he bolted away from them, leaving Ken to feel ashamed and fearful that they would be kicked out.

Not much later, the entrance of the café opened and a lavender-haired woman entered, which drew Ken’s eye immediately. Hide witnessing this, dropped his share of cash to pay off the cost for his coffee, then emotionally waved Ken away and wishes him good success.

Flabbergasted that Hide left him alone, Ken panicked. However, that didn’t stop him from sneaking a few looks at his crush whenever he could. Ken observed that the book she was reading was one by Sen Takatsuki, one of his favourite authors. This eventually caused that the two wind up in a talk about their common enthusiasm for the mystery. Afterwards, Ken meets with Hide and relates his meeting with his crush, whose name is Rize Kamishiro. Although Hide doesn’t know why, he informs Hide that their first date would be at a bookstore and to enjoy himself.

When they got to a fork in the road, the girl, Tka, cautiously studied them for a moment before she followed her buddy. As they are about to separate, Ken says he hopes Rize also wants to see him again. She confesses too, showing that she is interested in him, and closes the distance to hug him.

What is Ken Kaneki's Ghoul Name
What is Ken Kaneki’s Ghoul Name

Rize then displays her true-self, her Kagune almost penetrating Ken’s eye, and bit him in his neck. Ken is startled enough to stumble and make a break for it, but the Ghoul catches him in her Kagune and throws him helplessly through the wall. She subsequently attacks Kaneki and nearly kills him with a series of brutal blows. However, inexplicably, the metal beam dropped down on Rize and kills her in process.

The authorities catch them and the surgeon, a ghoul who eventually befriends Kaneki, implants Rize’s organs into him to save his life. He comes to terms with the fact that he is a ghoul, and his new life starts.

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