Maka Rah Shrine Guide In The Legend Of Zelda Breath Of The Wild

Maka Rah Shrine is one of those shrines that is extremely difficult to locate but much easier to solve. Zelda: Breath of the Wild refuses to acknowledge that finding the entrance to Maka Rah Shrine is a quest in and of itself. The reward for completing Maka Rah Shrine in Zelda BOTW is a spirit orb as well as some good loot from treasure chests, as it is one of the base shrines from the vanilla version of the game.

Bomb arrows are required for attempting the Zelda: Breath of the Wild Maka Rah shrine. You can also try using simple bombs, but this will make your journey much more difficult than it is. let’s check out The Legend Of Zelda’s Breath Of The Wild

The Legend Of Zelda Breath Of The Wild: Maka Rah Shrine

Maka Rah Shrine is located in southern Hebra, northwest of Rito Village. Maka Rah Shrine in Zelda BOTW is located inside a cave on the North Shore of Lake Kilsie. The Maka Rah Shrine can be seen through a crack in the rock, but it cannot be reached by climbing the cliff because the entrance to this cave is hidden. To enter Maka Rah Shrine, use bomb arrows to destroy some rocks to the left of the crack. This will allow an updraft from the ground to form. Using your glider, ride this updraft to the southeast and destroy another set of rocks.

Using the second updraft, move Northwest and destroy the bombable rocks on a small beach. Move to the center of Lake Kilsie and find an island with more breakable rocks using the newly released updraft. Releasing this updraft will propel you much higher into the air, closer to the entrance of the cave that houses Maka Rah Shrine.

The cave’s entrance is just below the ledge of a cliff and is marked by four glowing lanterns. Glide to it and descend by diving into a small pool at the end of the entrance. Continue until you reach the Maka Rah Shrine, built into the rock. Keep an eye out for Frost ChuChus near the shrine’s entrance. To activate the lift, use your Sheikah Slate. Have you checked out the God Of War Ragnarök New Game Plus: A More Challenging Adventure?

How To Solve Maka Rah Shrine In Zelda: Breath Of The Wild

As soon as you enter the Maka Rah shrine, Monk Maka Rah will present you with the “Steady Thy Heart” trial. The second room’s door will be locked. To unlock this gate, light a torch to the left of the door. Use any fire weapon you have or your simple arrows. To solve this puzzle, use the lit torch on the right to ignite the arrows and light the torch on the right with them.

The Legend Of Zelda Breath Of The Wild
The Legend Of Zelda Breath Of The Wild

In Zelda’s Breath of the Wild, the second room inside the Maka Rah shrine has a rotating platform with spikes. Continue your journey across the room by moving to the empty spaces between the spikes. Avoid hitting the spikes because they do a lot of damage and can send Link into the chasm below. To open the door to the main hall, press the switch. Four Ancient Guardians will greet you in the main hall of the Zelda BOTW Maka Rah shrine. With 13 HP, these are very weak enemies. As many of our readers play various games for them we cover many games and related news, recently we have published a post about the ongoing rumor you can read Persona 3 Remake Leak Gameplay Ignites Debate Among Fans

Draw your bow and kill them from a safe distance. Be wary of their ranged laser attack, which can deal significant damage to Link. Make an ice block in the northeast corner of the room with the Cryonis rune. Climb the ledge using the ice block to find a treasure chest. To get 10x bomb arrows, open it. To climb another ledge, make another ice block in the Northwest corner of the room. To enter the next room, press the switch there.

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In this room, you’ll notice another switch. Step on it to unlock the door, and you’ll find yourself on a path blocked by wooden boxes. If you stand in the middle of the path, an incoming spiked boulder will hit you. The boulder will clear the way forward. Begin climbing the ramp. When you reach the end, turn around, and you’ll see a ledge blocked by breakable rocks. Destroy the rocks with the bomb arrows to reveal a new treasure chest. To bring it down, use Magnesis and collect a Diamond as a reward. let’s see our fresh post, When Is Warzone Season 3 Coming Out? Check Out The Gameplay, And Roadmap

In the next room, turn right to find another locked room. To unlock the door, press the switch in front of it. This will activate a mechanism that causes spiked boulders to fall down the corridor leading to the Monk. Instead of going forward, simply turn around. Examine the point of impact on the wall where the boulder makes contact. Another treasure chest will be visible on the wall. Bring it to you with Magnesis and collect the Ancient Core.

Wait for another spiked boulder to approach you. Stop and capture the boulder with Magnesis. Place the boulder away from the hallway so you can safely climb the stairs. Stopping the boulder from hitting the wall and falling into the lava will end the mechanism, allowing you to proceed to the next room safely. To obtain a Spirit Orb, interact with Monk Maka Rah on the altar. This will complete the Maka Rah Shrine in Zelda Breath of the Wild.

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