Don’t Miss Out On Tears Of The Kingdom Midnight Release Time Confirmed!

The highly anticipated sequel to 2017’s The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is finally here, allowing players to return to the vast world of Hyrule with Link, but this time there are islands in the sky. That isn’t the only thing new in Tears of the Kingdom. Weapon fusions, new enemies, new locations, new ways to experiment with traversal, and much more have been kept under wraps by Nintendo.

With that said, and the game is only a few days away from release, many fans are trying to figure out when the digital version of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom will be available. While Nintendo has not officially stated a release date for the company’s first $70 title, we can use data from previous launches to estimate one. If Nintendo decides to change the launch date, we’ll update this post with the new information. So let’s check the release time of Tears Of The Kingdom Midnight Release.

Tears Of The Kingdom Midnight Release Time

The highly anticipated sequel to Breath of the Wild is set to be released on May 12, and fans cannot wait. First-party releases (such as Tears of the Kingdom) should be available to start around 9 PM PT the night before the game’s launch, which would be the evening of May 11. Other US time zones will see 10 p.m. MT / 11 p.m. CT / 12 a.m. ET.

Tears Of The Kingdom Midnight Release
Tears Of The Kingdom Midnight Release

It should be noted that this information does not always apply to every single Nintendo release, but the chances are slim that it will arrive at a significantly different time than other exclusive Switch games. May 12 is quickly approaching, and if you don’t want to be spoiled on any aspect of the game, such as the plot or puzzles, please be cautious on social media sites like Twitter and Reddit. The ROM for Tears of the Kingdom has already been leaked online, so there will be spoilers waiting to be discovered. Let’s check out When Is The Next Street Fighter 6 Release Date?

The Tears Of The Kingdom Release Event Causes The Nintendo Website To Crash

Nintendo first tweeted about the midnight launch event from their New York City account, stating that reservations were open. Fans flocked to the post, desperately trying to open the linked website in order to reserve their spot in the event’s queue.

The massive flood of fans on the booking website caused it to crash almost immediately after the reservations were made public. Instead of being able to access the reservation page, hopeful players were met with an error or a message simply stating that the website was currently being maintained. The Nintendo account in New York then responded to their initial Tweet, stating that they were aware of the issues caused by the public’s overwhelming response to the opening of midnight launch reservations.

Nintendo stated that they were looking into the errors that fans were experiencing and promised to update the public as soon as they learned more. However, after thanking everyone for their patience and investigating the problem, things continued to deteriorate. The website has reopened for fans who want to attend the midnight launch of Tears of the Kingdom in New York City. Nintendo issued another Twitter update to announce that the page was back up and running.

Unfortunately, the problem was no longer one of crashing websites or errors. Instead, it was much simpler and much worse: the reservations had been completely booked up in a matter of seconds, leaving the vast majority of fans unable to attend. A large number of players who were looking forward to Tears of the Kingdom wrote to Nintendo, expressing their disappointment. Some stated that they had “no chance” of getting in, while others stated that they had opened the website immediately, only to be met with a notification that the event had sold out.

With a release as big as Tears of the Kingdom expected, it’s no surprise that any related events have sold out almost as soon as they were announced. Unfortunately, many fans can now not participate in the midnight launch they had hoped to attend.

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