Remnant 2 Trophy Complete Guide: How to Get the Platinum in Video Game?

Following many months of anticipation, Remnant 2, the follow-up to the adored third-person shóóter in the vein of Souls, Remnant from the Ashes, has finally arrived, and it appears the sequel is a lot better game than its predecessor.

Check out our tips on what to do first when you start playing the game because, like the last game, finishing it will present you with significant hurdles. Find out if Remnant 2 offers any difficulty trophies if you want to spice things up for yourself, go for all the milestones, and earn that Platinum trophy. So, this is the response to that query.

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How to Get the Platinum Trophy in Remnant 2?

Remnant 2 has a total of 50 trophies that you can get. The majority of these are related to learning specific talents and eliminating local bosses, however, a handful only apply to particular classes. To obtain the coveted Platinum trophy in Remnant 2, you must complete the following trophies:

  • Unstoppable: Collected All Trophies
  • Blue Goddess: Meet Nimue
  • Familiar Face: Meet the Flautist
  • Equal Measures: Receive an Alignment Reading from Meidra
  • Not a Janitor: Meet the Custodian
  • Tall Tales: Listen to All of Mudtooth’s Stories
  • Chaos: Defeat the Ravager
  • Dark Designs: Defeat the Nightwear
  • Forever is a Long Time Coming: Defeat the Final Boss
  • Am I Seeing This?: Defeat 10 Aberrations
  • Ghost in the Machine: Defeat 25 Aberrations
  • Gleaming the Cube: Defeat the Labyrinth Boss
  • Madman’s Paradise: Defeat Tal’Ratha
  • Not So Special Now: Defeat 100 Special Enemies
  • Power Surge: Defeat Guardian of N’Erud
  • Only Human: Defeat a Boss in Single-Player Without Taking Any Damage
  • Quest for Survival: Defeat a World Boss
  • The God Gambit: Defeat Many Faces
  • The Killing Jar: Defeat the Root Mantis
  • Traitor: Defeat the Fae Imposter
  • Red Room: Discover a Blood Moon Room
  • The Agenda: Discover Leto’s Stash
  • Boss’n Up: Craft a Boss Weapon
  • Edgelord: Acquire 10 Melee Weapons
  • Cutting Edge: Acquire 20 Melee Weapons
  • First of Many: Choose Your First Archetype
  • Duality: Slot a Second Archetype
  • Shhh…It’s a Secret: Obtain a Secret Archetype
  • Top Performer: Reach Level 10 on Any Archetype
  • Not Your Average Trait: Obtain a Non-Starter Trait
  • All These Traits…: Obtain 10 Traits
  • Proving Grounds: Acquire 20 traits
  • Scrap Collector: Acquire 50,000 Scrap
  • Scrap Hoarder: Acquire 100,000 Scrap
  • Strapped: Acquire 15 Guns
  • The Trigger: Acquire 30 Guns
  • The Web: Obtain an Item From the Nightweaver’s Web
  • Was This Supposed To Happen?: Acquire a World Boss’s Alternate Reward
  • The Collector: Acquire 10 Relics
  • Bad Moon Rising: Craft an Item at the Blood Moon Altar
  • Carnage in C-Minor: Play a Secret Song on the Water Harp
  • Expanding Horizons: Craft a Non-Starter Weapon Mod
  • Crafty: Craft 15 Weapon Mods
  • Trait Chaser: Upgrade Any Trait to 10
  • Maxed Out!: Acquire the Max Number of Trait Points
  • The Ultimate Weapon: Upgrade a Boss Weapon to +10
  • Almost There: Upgrade a Boss Weapon to +5
  • Good, But Could Be Better!: Upgrade a Standard Weapon to +10
  • No One Should Have All That Power: Upgrade a Standard Weapon to +20
  • Make Some Room: Upgrade Relic Capacity
  • Transmutation: Upgrade a Weapon Mutator to +10

Compared to Remnant’s predecessor: Since the majority of the trophies in Remnant 2 will naturally unlock as you progress through the main plot, they appear less elusive from the Ashes. Some, though, call for more effort and probably a few more iterations.

See Remnant 2 Gameplay below:

Does Remnant 2 Have a Difficulty Trophy?

Remnant 2 Trophy Complete Guide
Remnant 2 Trophy Complete Guide

Having that 100% achievement or receiving the game’s shiny Platinum Trophy both feel great. While some games may allow you to swiftly earn that trophy, other games will make sure you deserve it. A few awards, such as those that require you to complete the game on a specific difficulty level, will cause them to immediately give up as they see them.

We have covered the post about the latest games. Check it out below:

Thank goodness, Remnant 2 has a ton of trophies. There was no mention of any difficulty trophy in the recent publication of the complete list of Remnant 2 trophies and accomplishments. This indicates that, with some help, you may complete the game’s achievements in a single run.

The award Only Human, which requires you to fight a boss in a single-player mode without taking any damage, is probably the most challenging one you’ll encounter. To do that, you’ll need to put in a lot of practice and develop a strong foul-proof plan that will let you survive the boss battle unscathed.

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