Mega Meka Melee Event: Take Part To Invite Trial By Fire

It’s crucial to be aware of all the Mega Meka Melee Event awards in Genshin Impact given the most recent update. Three minigames are available throughout the event, and winning one of them will give you an Enigmatic Copper Mainspring, the event’s currency.

You must successfully finish the Dance Dance Resolution, Efficacy Testing Simulation Arena, and Torrential Turbulent Charge minigames to obtain them. The Enigmatic Copper Mainspring that is awarded for finishing each minigame can then be used to redeem the event’s prizes.

But what do the Genshin Impact Mega Meka Melee Event awards consist of? Let’s investigate…

How To Get Free Bennett?

The largest in-game tournament in Genshin Impact 4.0, Mega Meka Melee, features Bennett as a grand prize. Between August 28 and September 11, 2023, it happens. This event is only open to players who have completed the quest “Song of the Dragon and Freedom” and are AR 20 or higher.

You must play through three minigames and finish this event before it ends to receive a free Bennett. The Mega Meka Melee event has three fun minigames with a variety of rules. These include:

  • Torrential Turbulent Charge Trial;
  • Efficacy Testing Simulation Arena combat challenge;
  • Dance Dance Resolution minigame.

The event is lengthy and filled with intriguing events. The first event to ever occur in an underwater setting is a Torrential Turbulent Charge. Consequently, it will be a fun little game. Both the Efficacy Testing Simulation Arena and Dance Dance Resolution offer fresh experiences and transport you to various Hydro country locales.

Mega Meka Melee Event
Mega Meka Melee Event

In addition to Bennett, you will have many opportunities to acquire Primogems, Mora, and supplies for character and weapon enhancement. Additionally, you will experience a number of thrilling things throughout this event.

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How To Get Free Lynette?

The main prize in the “The Curtain Never Falls on Magic” tournament is Lynette. She is a brand-new Anemo figure created by Fontaine. The best Anemo supporter for Lyney, the most recent 5-star Pyro character, in the most recent update, is this female magician.

You must participate in the ongoing event known as “The Curtain Never Falls” in order to receive this character for free. It was made available on the very first day of the 4.0 upgrade.

You also receive 3 Meshing Gears and 3 Lumidouce Bells in addition to Lynette. They are fresh treasures that are necessary for Lynette’s personal development.

Genshin Impact Tweeted on Aug 4, 2023:

In order to participate in this event, you must reach AR25. To obtain the complimentary character and these prizes, open the event banner and hit the Invite button. In the most recent update, this is an ongoing occurrence.

Don’t dismiss these occasions because Lynette and Bennett are now excellent supporters of numerous teams. You can still receive Lynette without buying a Primogem if you want to bypass all of the banners in update 4.0 and save your Primogems for version 4.1.

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