Kelly Clarkson Wears Dallas Cowboys Jersey Dress As First Female NFL Honors Host

Kelly Clarkson is flaunting her allegiance to football. At the NFL Honors award ceremony on Thursday, The Voice host, 40, shined in a Dallas Cowboys-inspired dress to express her support for her local team (Clarkson was born in Fort Worth, Tx., which is just 33 miles outside of Dallas.)

According to ESPN, the “Since You’ve Been Gone” singer hosted the awards show wearing dark navy blue and white 88 jerseys, which has been worn by great wide receivers like Drew Pearson, Michael Irvin, and Dez Bryant. CeeDee Lamb is now the other player sporting it on the pitch.

The jersey numbers and last names of numerous current Cowboys players, including running back Ezekiel Elliott, quarterback Dak Prescott, and defensive end Demarcus Lawrence, were displayed on Clarkson’s skirt, which was black and white striped.

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Along with the traditional NFL emblem, the eye-catching dress included white and navy blue star designs down the skirt and Clarkson’s sleeves to symbolize the Cowboys. Simple hoop earrings and straightened hair were Clarkson’s choice of accessories to complete her NFL appearance.

Clarkson shared the gown on Twitter, saying, “Thank you so much @NFL honors! I had such a good time hosting tonight. See you at the Super Bowl!”

Even backstage, she took a few pictures with Prescott and former Dallas Cowboy Emmitt Smith, giving them a special shoutout on social media. Both wearing dazzling lime green suits, she and Prescott are shown grinning at the camera in one picture. On the other, she points eagerly towards Smith, who is seen smiling back while donning a short black and white suit and tie.
Kelly Clarkson Wears Cowboys Jersey At NFL Honors
Kelly Clarkson Wears Cowboys Jersey At NFL Honors
The singer of the hit song “Stronger” wasn’t afraid to take no prisoners in her quest to become the first female host of the annual NFL Honors Awards. Regarding the accolade, Clarkson told Entertainment Tonight that she was pleased to stand in for football’s female supporters.
“I mean, that it’s a cool thing,” she told ET. “It’s a lot of weight to carry ’cause I know there’s a lot of females in this whole industry. I was like, ‘Man, I want them all to be standing there with me.'”

“But I’m gonna stand for them, and I hope everybody has a good time tonight,” she continued. “I’m very proud to be the first one.” Who hosts a popular daytime television show on NBC — noted that being asked to helm the NFL Honors by the network was perfect timing.

“I guess [once] you host a show,, they start asking you to host everything,” she joked. “I’m excited,, though! This is the year I got into football with my girlfriends and sisters.”

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