Guilt Season 2 Cast: Who Stars in Bbc Drama With Mark Bonnar In 2022!

The critically acclaimed drama Guilt, which first aired on BBC Two, is returning for a second season.

Max, played by Mark Bonnar, was cuffed and brought away at the end of the first season, which aired in 2019.

The series received praise from critics and viewers alike, earning a Scottish BAFTA for Best TV Drama in 2020 and being called “the unexpected treat of the year” by The Independent and “a wickedly delicious narrative” by The Guardian.

Bonnar plays ex-lawyer and protagonist Max McCall, who has recently been released from prison for manslaughter.

At the start of the first season, he knocked down a man while drunk and murdered him.

Bonnar, 52, is a veteran actor who played Max in Guilt and previously appeared as Duncan Hunter in Shetland, Bruno Jenkins in Casualty, Detective Finney in Psychoville, and DCC Mike Dryden in Line of Duty.

Before season two began, he gave an interview to the BBC, saying, “What I enjoy most about portraying Max is that he can turn on a sixpence if the circumstances necessitate, and that’s a very sensual, devilish characteristic we all respect.”

I find him to be high-octane and quick-witted. The speaker said, “He is voraciously brilliant, manipulative, and a survivor, who is at home in any group of people.

Sara Vickers as Erin

Sara Vickers, known for her roles as Ms. Crookshanks in HBO’s Watchmen and as Joan Thursday in the investigative drama Endeavours, has recently joined the cast of the new series Guilt (2019).

She has also appeared in The Crown, BBC’s Bert and Dickie, and the third season of Shetland.

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For Guilt, she plays Erin, who has trouble processing the effects of her father Roy’s shady business actions on her mother (Maggie).

It was a no-brainer for me, Vickers said of joining the cast. The pressure was on to make this series as good as the first, which I enjoyed, so here’s hoping we did it justice.

Stuart Bowman as Roy Lynch

Stuart Bowman, a native of Dundee, Scotland, played the chief of MI5, Stephen Hunter-Dunn, on the BBC series Bodyguard.

For season two, he’ll be playing Roy, a part once held by Scottish acting great Bill Paterson (Truly Madly Deeply; Fleabag, Wives and Daughters).

Bowman said he was intimidated at first by taking over for Patterson, but he quickly grew into the role.

Guilt Season 2 Cast
Guilt Season 2 Cast

As Bowman put it, “I watched the first season the day it came out. I loved the series, and it was a treat to read something so well-crafted.

He portrays Erin’s real-life father and Maggie’s ex-husband. This intriguing man’s allegiance lie with his family, and he fights tooth and nail to maintain a healthy bond with his daughter.

Emun Elliot as Kenny

Although Max and Kenny have been friends for a long time, Max has betrayed Kenny in the past, and Kenny’s alcoholism has left him vulnerable to manipulation.

Emun Elliot, who played Kenny in the first series, is back for more. The roles of Dr. Christian King in Paradox, Richie in Threesome, and John Moray in The Paradise are among Elliot’s other acting credits.

In season two, his character has sobered up and is working to repair his life, including reconnecting with his young children through visitation. Now that he’s free, Max is eager to get back on his feet, but his friend Kenny is hesitant to help him.

When asked by the BBC about his character, Emun Elliot said, “I sympathize with him, but I’m not particularly similar to Kenny at all.”

Then, Elliot continued, “We all know what it’s like to be deceived. It’s human nature to have heroes, even if they aren’t the best examples of what we should be… To put it simply, Kenny is a good human being. I’d like to think that my pals would agree with that.

Phyllis Logan as Maggie

Lady Jane Felsham in Lovejoy and Mrs. Hughes in Downton Abbey are two of Logan’s most recognizable roles as a Scottish actor.

The BAFTA-winning actress is joining the cast for Season 2 of Guild, and she just revealed to the BBC that she is a tremendous fan of the show’s initial run.

I’ve seen the first season and it was fantastic. She praised the series’ screenwriter, Neil Forsyth, saying, “I mean, Neil Forsyth is such a fantastic writer and there was everything in there and more” (Playhouse; Eric, Ernie and Me).

She went on to say that the plot “has twists and turns” and that the characters are “full on” while still being “totally plausible” in an almost cartoonish sense. It reflects perfectly the gritty underbelly that exists in cities like Glasgow and Edinburgh.

Maggie’s character suffered in a vehicle accident and is now residing in a sheltered housing care facility, but the BBC has been dropping hints that not all is as it seems with Maggie.

Rochelle Neil as Yvonne

The Terminator: Dark Fate (2019) and The Nevers (2021) star Rochelle Neil, who also appears in Das Boot (2017). (2018).

She plays Yvonne, a divorced lawyer, in Guilt.

About her, Neil remarked, “we meet her as a woman with many secrets, trying her best to make amends.”

Also, Yvonne is a recovering alcoholic, and the first time the audience meets her, she is attending an Al-Anon meeting to help her stay sober and at her work.

When asked by the BBC why she accepted the assignment, she said, “I was intrigued to discover how a person bounces back from their rock bottom.” To balance emotion and reason. Furthermore, Neil’s writing is superb.

Sandy McDade (The Lady Vanishes), Henry Pettigrew (Line of Duty), and Robin Laing are also returning for the second season (River City).

Gary Tank Commander’s Greg McHugh is playing Teddy.

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