Tylee Ryan Cause of Death: Did They Ever Find JJ and Tylee?

The bodies of JJ Vallow and Tylee Ryan, his sister, were found in Rexburg in the year 2020. Their stepfather, Chad Daybell, is the legal owner of the land. Daybell, Chad. When they went missing, Taylee was 17 and JJ was 7. There are a lot of people in the United States and the United Kingdom trying to find out what killed JJ and Tylee Ryan.

What Was Tylee And JJ’s Reason For The Death?

When the children disappeared, their loved ones worried that Lori’s preoccupation with the end of the world had taken a dark turn and that she might have mistaken them for zombies.

Tylee was last seen on a trip to Yellowstone National Park, and JJ was dropped off in school for the first time before his mother canceled his homeschooling. Family members requested a police investigation when they failed to return home. Lori said that she’d heard JJ was staying with a friend of the family in Arizona. They were found buried at their stepfather’s Idaho home.

What Happened to Tylee as well as JJ Toss Their Lives and where Their Bodies Were Found?

Many members of JJ and Tylee’s extended family and friends asked for a medical examination to be conducted on the missing children after they were reported missing. Bodies weren’t discovered until the month of June. After more investigation, Lori learned that JJ was really visiting a friend’s house in Arizona. They were both found in Chad Daybell’s Idaho mansion.

Tylee Ryan Cause of Death
Tylee Ryan Cause of Death

When we checked on Tylee, we found her badly burned. Duct tape was found around JJ’s body. The gravesites were positioned in the estate’s dog cemetery. Tylee Ryan’s death inquiry uncovered evidence from a series of texts suggesting that Chad and Lori were engaged in her untimely demise. It was early April of 2022, and Lori and Chad were both facing charges in a court of law. Lori stated her innocence on three separate counts.

Where Are Chad And Lori Now?

Her trial for the murders of her children and her now-deceased husband has dragged on for two years. Although she was declared not guilty on three counts on April 1, it was later announced that the court will pursue murder charges.

Final Words

This Netflix show highlighted a disturbing murder case involving two kids. Lori and her boyfriend Chad were accused of murdering a father and his two young children. The trial is still going on in court, and the verdict hearing is scheduled for January 2023. The verdict will be delivered to the couple.

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